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In what way did Christianity and Islam undergo a major change during the Middle Ages?

Help me please, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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How can there be Christianity without creationism?

If creation didn’t happen like it was described in the bible, than there was no fall of man, no original sin and humans didn’t need god to kill his son to save them and purify them of the original sin. How can you believe in evolution and still be a Christian? What is the purpose of Jesus?
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i am looking for a karaoke cd or music track to the song new again By Brad paisley & sara evans can you help

I am singing in church this sunday and I have searched ever were I can tthink of the song is Called New Again It’s By Brad Pasiley and Sara Evan . If anyone knows were there is a place on line would you please let me know Sunday is coming fast please help
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Christian Church Fundraiser Ideas

Church fundraisers are surprisingly simple to plan, easy to carry out and the results are often spectacular and unexpected. If there’s one organization that can amass enough money for a worthwhile and worthy cause, it’s a church. Most people have no qualms in donating to the church, because of its religious significance, as evidenced by the weekly giving of tithes and offerings. However, there may be extenuating and miscellaneous expenses that must be funded for the church to be presentable, or for it be run properly. This is where fundraisers come in.

Fundraiser Themes

Fundraisers are a quick and easy way to raise money for your church. Yard and garage sales, where church goers donate their novelty items,clothing, bags, shoes and sometimes even jewelry. Bake sales and soup kitchen days, while raising the revenue of the church; also attract people around the vicinity of the neighborhood to see what is happening at their local church. With a full stomach and a ready ear, a local pastor may opt to evangelize these people and invite them to regularly attend their congregation.

Event Fundraiser

Event fundraisers entail more stringent planning and preparation. Most of the time, a large fraction of the congregation volunteer, band together and prepare for the event that they want to host. These people may not be able to afford a monetary donation, but their labors will more than make up for it. Stress that their contribution is just as important as the donations, probably even more and to show your appreciation, organize a simple lunch for them. The planned event may be as formal and black-tie dinner, or as loose and pleasant as a praise and worship concert and fellowship night. The effort put into this may be considerable, but the payoff, especially if the event is widely-publicized and marketed by the church staff and congregation, will be more substantial, monetarily and spiritually-speaking.

A Word of Advice

Fundraising companies are very efficient and capable in drumming up the money your church may need, but their services require a bit of investment. Steer clear from them, unless you and your church have the budget to hire them. Fundraising is a meaningful and sensible endeavor that does not just buffer the spending of your church, it also builds the emotional and relationship ties of its members. Remember, with any church fundraiser idea your church implements, you may simply break even, or even lose a little. However, the fact that you’ve tried, worked amicably and harmonized with the other members, and did it all for the glory of God is more valuable than any amount of money.
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Laughing in Church

Perhaps you have heard of him, perhaps you haven’t; Mark Lowry is a Christian comedian. That’s right, I said comedian! I’ve seen him on occasion on those Bill Gaither Homecoming videos, but never enough to get the true depth of this man (and his humor). One other thing, my Mother adores him.

As Mother’s day approached, I couldn’t come up with anything to buy the woman who has everything. Luckily, I heard that this Mr. Mark Lowry was performing in Montgomery, AL on Mother’s Day weekend. Genius, pure genius “I’ll take Mom to the show”, I thought.

As the week’s approached the concert, my Mom became more and more excited—it was all she could talk about. I began to wonder how I was going to make it through the evening. And, I began to think of the people that would certainly attend an event such as this—obviously, nothing good could come of this.

I pictured a bunch of country bumpkins all carrying their Bibles and sporting that certain look of disapproval that has become so fashionable among the fundamental groups. I imagined a lot of speaking on tongues (whatever that means) and possibly even (EEK!) snake handling. I would have to be on my best guard to remain unrecruitable and must be refuse to be sprinkled, dunked, or blessed in any way.

That’s what I expected. It was not what I found.

On that particular Saturday night of the concert, we drove to this HUMONGOUS Methodist Church. Truly, a symbol of modern architecture and the inside looked more like a shopping mall than a church, at least from my recollection of the churches of my childhood. The building and the people of the audience were very modern and, dare I say it, sophisticated.

In fact, the crowd was a pure pleasure to be around, I haven’t seen that much hand shaking, hugs and, most of all, manners since the last time I was around my Grandmother. What a great and warm feeling generated from these people. They have that energy, or vibration, or glow—whatever it is you feel around people who are truly happy, and they had it in a big way.

The show began with a song and introductions. And, Mark Lowry riding out on the stage on one of those electric scooters they advertise on TV for old people that “don’t cost them ONE RED PENNY”. He apparently had some sort of motorcycle accident and was still in therapy—I was in stitches over the whole thing. Mark did a great job of working his recent injury into the show and luring me into believing that even when bad things happen to good people that God still has our best interest in mind. I never believed that before, but I believe it now.

I guess since I already told you that Mark is a comedian, it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that the show was funny—but it was funny, I laughed all evening. What is surprising is how good I felt hearing the message of the show. That is, “God is Crazy for Me” and how uplifted it made me feel.

The results of the show have been long lasting. I find I have a spring in my step, I’m kinder to people and I have more patience. In fact, someone said to me today “you’re glowing”, I hope they know it’s because I’m truly happy.

Thanks Mark and Mom for introducing me to something I didn’t know existed. That is, humor in spirituality.

Why has this been a secret for so long?
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Pauline Principles Of Church Music In Verses XVI And XVII Of Colossians 3


There are four principles deduced from the New Testament worship which, if applied, will help produce a God-honouring music and worship ministry. These are found in Colossians 3:16,17 and they include the memorandum or message of music; means of music; medium or matrix of music and the motive of the musician.


The message of church or sacred music must be solidly based on the Word of God (Col. 3:16a). Musicians should be filled with an understanding of the Word of God and then communicate a biblically based text though their music. God’s Word must not only fill our hearts but must permeate the lyrics of the songs we use to worship God as well. Thus, in evaluating music for use in church, we must ask ourselves, ‘is the text of this song consistent with Biblical truth?’ The theology of suffering, for instance, is reflected in song. In the 1970s, most choruses sung emphasized personal confession of one’s faith in Christ and the willingness to take up the cross and identify in the fellowship of His suffering. Today, many messages identify suffering and sin or lack of faith. The chorus ‘Mi a nor go sufa, a nor go beg for bread; God of mirakul, na my Papa O” (“I will neither suffer nor beg for bread because the God of Miracles is my Father”) is very popular. It must be emphasized that even though it would be wrong to crave for or go in search of opportunities to suffer, biblical theology supports the view point that a Christian is a spiritual athlete and suffering is an inescapable part of the training programme.

Another important aspect of this principle involves the quality of God’s Word in the musician (‘richly dwell in you’). The Word of God must inhabit and become a part of our being. It should be the controlling aspect of every Christian musician’s disposition. The world teaches musicians to do their thing (aspire for acceptance) and to strive to be ‘great musicians’. For the Christian, however, the Word of God should be his regulation.

The message or memorandum of the music (‘the Word of God) is also evident in our lives ‘with all wisdom’. This refers to our ability to discern between right and wrong, proper and improper, ethical and unethical in our selection and use of music. The Christian musician needs the wisdom of God to know what song to use, how to minister (and not perform) it, and what innovations (if any) are appropriate in worship.


Music should focus on a two-fold method of ‘teaching and admonishing one another’ (Col.3:16b). To teach means to instruct, explain and direct. Thus, music directed to God should be far more than entertainment or personal enjoyment. It should be a tool for biblical instruction and training. A common song, ‘Read your Bible pray every day if you want to grow’, is a very clear biblical instruction. Many people have been able to remember the books in the Bible as a result of music being applied to this list of sixty six ‘titles’. This is one of the reasons why music is so important in the ministry of Christian education. Music in the church should be more than the prelude to the Bible lessons or sermon. The right kind of music can be used powerfully to teach the truth of God’s Word. Many of the great hymn writers such as Martin Luther, Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley realized the power of music to teach and that was why they wrote hymns rich in doctrinal truths. Music can also be used to help people know the very words of Scriptures, especially those which seem difficult to memorize. Many choristers know the piece, Rejoice in the Lord Always, even before realizing that the entire rendition is recorded in Philippians 4:4-7. ‘Admonish’ means to invite, encourage, shape and mold. A Scriptural music ministry provides opportunity for musicians to encourage, built up, and spiritually nurture fellow believers. Christian musicians have a responsibility to teach and to train people to understand and perform God’s work. All believers are to be involved in the ministry of music regardless of their musical skills. God desires for us to minister to Him and to one another with our sacrifice of music. No one is to be merely a spectator in the music programme of the local church.


Paul instructs us to use “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs”. This illustrates that there should be variety in church music. A church which only sings only one set would not be fulfilling Scripture according to this passage. Canticles and choruses could fall under psalms. A popular canticle rendered at wedding ceremonies is Beati Omnes or Psalm 128. Everyone who fears God is regarded as blessed and such an individual would eat the work of his or her hands. The wife is pronounced as a fruitful vine and the children like olive plants around the table. Seeing one’s grandchildren is regarded as a blessing. The chorus ‘I will bless the Lord at all times’ is taken from Psalm 34:1-2. The psalmist proclaims that he’d bless God at all times and would boast in Him. David thanks and praises God for deliverance from the Philistines. Other songs are classified as spiritual songs. Probably this would be a convenient portion to classify gospel songs. It is evident that God admonishes to use different kinds of Christian songs to praise the Lord.


The musicians must have the proper motives in their music – “Singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father” (v.17). Misguided motives and selfish ambitions have hindered many gifted musicians from communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no room in the service of God for musicians with arrogant, self-righteous, condescending, or self-serving attitudes. For our music and worship to be acceptable to God, it must begin in our hearts. God is more concerned about the music in our hearts than that on the lips. God is in the business of changing hearts – molding, strengthening, developing and sanctifying them for His glory. Music is a means of communicating outwardly what God is doing inwardly. The Christian musician should not aim just drawing attention to his own gifts but to bring praise to God. As we minister to God through music, God will minister to us. Many Ministers of Music, music groups, soloists or instrumentalists have been fooled by Satan into thinking that God is impressed with abilities, talents, technology and ego and that He will bless us according to the level of the compliments we receive for our performance. An old saying paraphrased says, ‘the musical talents you possess are God’s gifts to you. How you develop and use those musical talents are your gifts to God’. Do we use musical gifts to glorify the name of the Lord or for personal gain? Do we concentrate on lifting the name of the Lord with a Christ-like life style or do we exhibit lax moral standards and rely on our musical gifts. Amos 6:23-24 clearly warns us to “take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy voils. But let judgment run as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream”.
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why isn’t questions related to Christianity in the Myth and Folklore section?

seriously. if humans become smarter as a whole, eventually Christianity will be treated like greek mythology is today.
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A new step in life I just prayed about it see ?s below?

I have been going through some hard deep dark times and I was singing and worshipping in church and my relative says to me why dont you sing up there (meaning the worship platform) and I said I would in Gods timing.

My husband and I both sing and we love the Lord. My questions are these: I would consider being on the worship team if that is what the Lords will for me.

If you sing in the worship team what is expected of you? I heard that worship singing is a call to holiness? What are good godly ways to achieve this? I have sin in my life I am overcoming and I know the Bible says Love must be sincere and I believe so should your testimony? Does the Lord get mad at you even though a person sins and does wrong and repents that one should be allowed to sing on stage? How can worship and singing in front of people bring you closer to God and honor Jesus Christ?

For those of you that are in prasie and worship and love music what is your take on this?
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How and why did Christianity emerge as a major European religion?

i have to do this for homework does anyone have ayny help for me, please , by tonight?
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Truth – What Does it Mean to Christianity?

On one of the articles I wrote, someone left a comment asking me if I would define truth to them. I told them that I believed truth was something that could be proven and easily explained to almost anyone. This might not make sense to me two years from now, but today the truth is something that has enough satisfactory scientific support and evidence to justify any claims that are made against or for them.

If you easily digested my explanation of truth and you consider yourself to be a knowledgeable Christian, I would love to hear what truth actually means to you and how it applies to Christianity. Jesus said something like,” If you seek the doors will be opened and you shall find your answers.”

This makes sense to me, but I still live in a world of confusion as someone makes one statement about the truth, knowing that it’s a lie. Are religious leaders allowed to communicate in deceptive ways, often twisting Bible verses to make one-sided points? I watch a lot of videos and listen to a lot of audios, while reading some books about Christianity, only to find some of these Christian leaders stretching the truth.

I don’t believe that anyone should be penalized for making a statement, but I do believe that these people need to be reeducated whenever possible and admit that they are wrong, if they actually are. People write to me regularly, pointing out things that I said in error and I believe that this makes me a better person.

I would like to point something out to any Christians reading this article. I would like you to think twice, the next time that you make a statement about something that you believe in, even though you don’t have enough evidence to support your claims.

A good example of this would be, telling people about heaven, even though there isn’t any proof that heaven actually exists and making it sound like it does. If you’ve got the proof, let’s see it if you want to base everything off of faith, you should make statements accordingly.
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