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Play Piano Gospel and Add More Delight in Your Church

People who can play piano gospel have a unique sense of fulfillment in them. They must feel that all their hard work in learning how to play the piano is being dedicated towards a higher purpose. Besides, great gospel piano make church activities more interesting, making it a good way to ensure that churchgoers will be motivated to attend the services. As a result, this can help grow or bring a congregation closer together. So, if you are active in your church and you want to contribute something that can be really important in your congregation, then you should consider learning piano gospel.

Most probably, you are thinking that learning the piano can be very difficult. After all, you must have heard that one should start young if he or she ever wanted to become good at playing this musical instrument. Well, even if you are already in your teens or adult years, you can still learn the piano. There are ways that can speed up your learning process to have you playing the instrument like a professional piano player. Below are some of the tried and tested formulas that will allow you to gain essential piano skills fast. Read on.

First, you need to develop your music listening skills. This is where learning the chords becomes important. With a good musical ear, you can learn how a particular note will sound and how it will fit if mixed with other notes to make music. You do not need to learn how to read a musical sheet, especially if you want to learn piano fast. A good way to know if you have developed your musical ear is when the pitch of a note on the piano sounds the same as your humming.

Next, always remember that learning the chords will be for naught if you do not practice using them. After you have learned all the major and minor chords, you can begin learning basic and intermediate pieces. When mastering the chords, it is a good idea that you start off with triad chords. Commit at least a couple of hours every day for piano practice. Along with mastering the chords, you can also start developing the flexibility of your fingers. So, make it a point to practice piano scales with one hand first, then with the other, and then with both hands together. Once you have improved the flexibility of your fingering skills, you can play more advanced piano songs with relative ease.

Finally, you need to get good piano tutorials. These can help you practice notes and provide you with a step-by-step plan on how to advance your skills. In other words, finding a good tutor or video tutorial can greatly bring down the learning curve in piano lessons. With enough dedication and practice, you will be able to play gospel piano like a professional. When that time arrives, you will surely add more delight to churchgoers and more reasons for fellow members of your church to attend services religiously.
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