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How to Select Meaningful Wedding Songs

Wedding songs can make any wedding a memorable event for the bride and groom as well as the guests. Your wedding might feature a live band, a solo pianist, and/or a DJ. Either way, your musical selections will help set the mood for your special day.

Select wedding songs that reflect your personality and relationship. The wedding songs should be songs you both enjoy and that send a message of your love and passion for one another. The guests at your wedding will likely remember the songs, so choose them wisely. Also, for that special song during the lighting of the unity candle, pick one that has words and music to help relay your desire to make a lifelong commitment to your spouse-to-be.

How Many Wedding Songs will You Need?

The number of songs at your wedding really depends on how the ceremony and reception are conducted. During the actual wedding ceremony, there are usually instrumental songs (with piano, guitar, or violin) for the prelude, processional, recessional, and postlude. You might have one or two soloists to sing special love songs during the ceremony as well.

During the reception, you can have background music as well as special songs for the “cake moment,” your first and last dances, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, etc. If you plan to have a lot of music at the reception, it might be a good idea to hire a professional wedding DJ. This will remove a great burden from your shoulders so you can enjoy your reception without worry.

Tip: If your wedding has a certain theme such as Hawaiian, medieval, tropical, Italian or Asian, choose songs to go along with the theme.

The “First Dance” Wedding Song

The song for your first dance should be carefully picked out by you and your spouse-to-be. Choose a song you both enjoy, one with a beat that’s not too fast or too slow for both of you. Listen to the lyrics carefully to be sure it is fitting for your wedding. Try to find a song that is meaningful for you both, but not necessarily popular in modern music trends. Once you make a selection, practice dancing to the song again and again so you’ll be able to gracefully dance together at the reception.

Restrictions on Wedding Songs

If you plan to hold your wedding ceremony in a church building, be sure to ask what type of wedding music will be allowed. Many churches have strict guidelines as to what type of music they will allow. Some may even restrict “how” the music is played, such as the music must be played on a live instrument and not from a music CD. Ask these questions before selecting your wedding songs and your music methods.

Careful Song Planning

The key to a smooth wedding ceremony and reception is to plan the itinerary and song schedule carefully on paper. Be sure everyone involved with the ceremony and music understands the procedures and when to play certain songs. This is crucial to keep things flowing naturally during every aspect of the wedding.

If you’re not sure what songs are available for weddings, you can easily go online to view wedding song lists and even listen to samples. Wedding websites are available that specialize in wedding planning tips and guides, and these usually provide many helpful suggestions. There are hundreds of traditional songs to choose from as well as more modern wedding songs if you prefer to go that route. The main thing to remember is it’s “your special day,” and you’ll want your songs to be as memorable as the wedding itself.
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