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i dont understand “indie rock”?

i refer to everything shoegaze, dream pop, twee, noise, post-rock, etc collectively as indie rock. dont agree? tough. deal with it.

what is the appeal of that music? much of it is so “experimental” it defies rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. honestly most of it annoys me its so strange. i like very few bands that can be categorized in the “indie rock” scene: the format and say anything to name a couple, but even those bands typically have straightforward-sounding songs. what is the appeal of such “noise-pop/noise-rock” bands like Jesus and Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr? what makes sonic youth so “cool”?
cat power?
the one i love is “post-rock”? how can that exist? too good for rock so youve moved beyond it? i can understand “post-punk” as the heyday of punk rock has since come and gone. what makes sigur ros so good? can you dance to this music? why is it that many people i know who like indie/art/prog/post/experimental-rock are snooty douches with strange haircuts and awkward social mannerisms that sometimes i want to punch the faces of because there is something just so irritating about them?
pavement? mercury rev? my bloody valentine? murder by death?

most of all, why do people worship radiohead? their music makes me cringe, or fall asleep.

so i grew up on punk rock and ska, really energetic, dance-able music. i know indie rock is not usually about the lyrics. why do i have such a distaste for indie rock?

these days, why is it COOL to be indie and have hair in your eyes and take pictures at weird angles with weird coloring where no one is smiling and youre wearing striped sweaters and scarves even when its 70 degrees out with your chuck taylors and tight pants and maybe you have those thick black glasses or a ratty-looking hat?

someone PLEASE explain this subculture to me.
oy, i know that “indie” means independent. but there is a specific type of music that is often associated with the term “indie rock” and it is all those subgenres of noise-rock and post-rock and prog and twee, and shoegaze and dream pop.
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