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Choosing Wedding Songs For a Church Ceremony

Your wedding will forever be remembered, etched in the mind of your wedding guests who could not help but wipe the tears in their eyes upon seeing two people they care about finally united as one. This will only be realized however, if you chose the right music for the occasion.

Choosing songs that will be used for the wedding ceremony usually lies in the hands of your officiant. However, couples that want their songs personalized can talk to their officiant and coordinate as to the choice of songs.

You would generally not have a great deal of choice if you are planning a church wedding since most churches have guidelines for their music. However, you can still choose some songs that may not necessarily be religious songs but which the church will allow to be played during some parts of the ceremony. If you want to have more leeway in choosing your soundtrack then a civil ceremony may be a better option for you.

A piano or an organ usually supports a church choir but having a harp play your wedding songs would be heaven. You may also be able to choose your own soloist for the day. The soloist can coordinate with the people in charge as to what he or she can sing solo and what should be sung with the choir. There are various parts in the ceremony where a soloist would be appropriate including the procession of the bride, lighting of the candles, or before a Holy Communion. A duet of live vocalists could also give the event a nice touch.

Gone are the days when “Here Comes The Bride” was the only song played during the procession of the bride to the altar. There are a lot of popular commercial songs that have become a favorite during weddings. Among these are The Prayer by Josh Groban, Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker and a lot more.

Most couples choose songs that mean something to them and the relationship. If the songs you like do not make it on the ceremony list, don’t lose heart because you can always play them during your reception. Remember; if you are hiring a live band then ask them beforehand if they have the songs you want in their playlist.
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