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Is he cheating? Serious relationship of 7 years at risk?

So I’ve been with my fiance for 7 years, engaged for 2. We hadn’t rushed a wedding because honestly, we couldn’t afford it and didn’t have the help to pay for the wedding we both wanted.

Now we fight all the time, and never can seem to get along. We’ve been camping every weekend with a new group of friends, and there’s an 18 year old girl (he’s 25) that goes that’s openly obsessed with him. At first it seemed like he was flattered by it, and now, he’s become very good friends with her (so have I).

I questioned him once before because he spends so much time with her and ignores me so badly, but there’s no proof of if he’s cheating or not.

He thinks we should break up now, because we’re fighting so much and I agree. I would just have never thought it would have been his idea. This is totally unlike him. Is he pushing me away to be with her? To be honest, she’s sort of perfect for him. Into the same things, music, and worships the ground he walks on. I’m not that kind girl.
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Thu, March 15 2012 » Singles & Dating

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