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is this guy too old for me?please read?

I am 14 i’ll be 15 in december,he is 18,he just turned 18 in july,but i had to redo a grade forever ago, so im in the 8th grade and he is a senior,i do not like him just for his looks, he goes to my church and he really truly loves God…and thats one really big reason i like him. he doesnt talk to me when im around my friends…but after church we talk sometimes,and he watches me alot…he’ll smile at me and sometimes even wink,we both have ALOT in common, we both are in love with music,playing music and worshipping God. and when we talk thats usually whats its about. if we ever did date i know he wouldnt be using me. we both have purity rings so that would mean no sex till marrige.but im not even sure if he likes me. is he too old for me? do you think maybe just possibly he likes me?
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Thu, January 21 2010 » Singles & Dating

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