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Huevo’s band of the day?

Formed in Olympia, Washington by indie legend Calvin Johnson (who also founded K Records), Beat Happening had a prolific influence on the way the music scene looks today. Drawing off a lo-fi sound, major fans of the band included Kurt Cobain and Ian McKaye. In fact I found this excerpt on Wikipedia which I found to be pretty funny.

“Perhaps because of his staunch DIY ethos, Johnson became friends with the members of Fugazi, and Beat Happening was the opening band on one of Fugazi’s first tours. The choice of Beat Happening as an opening band for Fugazi, who, especially during the late 1980’s, were still attracting an audience of hardcore punk fans, could be considered brilliant or foolish. The Fugazi crowds came to see a hardcore show, and the sassy-queer jangle-pop of Beat Happening was about as opposite to what they expected as possible. This garnered two reactions: the first was obviously the one that the members of Fugazi were aiming at (unless of course their goal was simply to bring along a band they liked), and that was to provoke thought. The statement was that music can take on varied forms, but it was the message of any music that was important, and any little box that music fans worshipped at the expense of anyone different, needed to be confronted. The second reaction was violence or pseudo-violence–this was still close enough to the classic “punk rock violence” era that people in the audience didn’t fear retribution for throwing things at the stage. In an especially important moment in the progression of punk rock thought, an ashtray was thrown at Johnson during a show at the Country Club, in Reseda, California, while he was onstage singing and playing guitar. The ashtray struck him directly in the nose, cutting his nose and spurting blood instantly. Johnson never missed a beat, kept on playing the song, and finished the show. The first thing that Ian MacKaye said, rather in disgust, upon walking on stage, was “that dude (Johnson) is way more punk rock than the pussy who threw that ashtray.” The incident got a lot of publicity in the independent music circles and, at least to some extent, elevated Johnson’s status amongst traditionally more “punk rock” enthusiasts.”

I don’t know what else to say, I’m not a writer, just an avid music listener. Listen to the clips and leave a comment if you like.
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Right on Sookie, great music for great minds!
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Anger Rollins? Nah! 🙂
Great link .. Another great Beat Happening song. Thanks!
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