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Lost in this era? I feel so out of place being a “generation y” kid, any ideas?

I feel so out of place because I find myself relating more with generation x and older generations rather than MY generation (y). I mean this in all aspects-music, ideas, beliefs, etc. My style is just that of an older person…while not an older person, but people ranging in the 60’s-70’s era (say if they were young again). I just feel so out of place with things-men, the people around me in my age group who worship the crappy music on MTV, the way they dress and the way no one wants to make a change in the’s all just the opposite of me. I feel lost, and because of this I find myself attracted to older men-like the hippie men in their late 20’s (because 18 year-old hippies don’t exist and even late 20 year-old hippies are becoming extinct). I want to find people who relate with me and adore the past era’s, but no one does, my friends don’t even try to find what I have to say remotely interesting (when it comes to the past). It’s just who I am man, I can’t change that. Any ideas on where I might find some nice hippie men and make friends with some cool chicks?? I mean I am totally lost…are they in Cali?? I think I might move there….
I’m 18 by the way…
lol thanks guys 😉
If you were to choose bewteen Oregan and Califonia, which one would you choose? Just wondering… XD lol
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