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Drums in a Biblical reference?

a few weeks ago, we had an incident in our house involving visiting family members. Their family is very religious and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. Also they have two kids who are 15 and 13, and they have been homeschooled their whole lives.I have nothing against home schooling in which students interact with other students, however, my cousins world consists of the 30 people from their Babtist church and their parents. They have no children around them and lets just put it this way, they are SHELTERED! Anywho, the incident that happened involved my cousins telling me that I am a devil worshiper because I listen to music with drums in it and drums were used as African Devil Worship. Now, the music I was listening to when this happened was Todd Agnew who is a Christian singer. Anywho, my dilema is that I would like to find something to send them saying that drums are a good thing. Can anyone help me find something to send them?
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