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What are some good statements to make on a compare/ contrast essay of a Heavy metal concert and a tribe?

I have a basic college English course and I am having trouble writing a compare/ contrast essay. I just need some examples on the topic of comparing and contrasting a Rock/ Heavy metal concert to a tribal celebration. I will give you everything I have as a brainstorm so far. any and all suggestions are welcomed.

=Rock/ Heavy metal concert=
different uniform and look to every person
different life from everyone else
Expression and freedom
worship of the music
outside world does not understand
Not everyone speaks the same tongue (sometimes)
people from all over the world

=Tribal celebration=
somewhat similar outfit
different class of people
I would assume they all know each other
Gathering to celebrate something
outside world studies these groups
people from same area

They all have a common purpose
They all come together
Both use music to express themselves
all ages involved

Does this sound like a good start?
Any good ideas for intro or conclusion statements?
Any points I am missing that could be important?
Thank you for all of your help and suggestions!
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