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Christians, is this okay (singing praises)?

I know that part of going to church is to sing and worship God through music. I have an AWFUL singing voice (and I’m not exaggerating) and I don’t enjoy singing at all. I know singing songs in church is worshipping God, and isn’t about me at all and it shouldn’t matter if I enjoy it or not, but I feel like I can better praise God by just standing and listening to the music, and really concentrating on the words. It’s actually more distracting if I sing, because I feel so self conscious (even though you can barely hear me). Not to say that I’m entirely unselfconscious when I don’t sing… I am a bit, because everyone else is! I know this is irrational, but it’d just like to hear other Christian’s opinions.
I know God doesn’t care what I sound like, but I care, and I just don’t fully put my heart in it when I’m focusing too much on singing.
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Sat, September 8 2012 » Religion & Spirituality

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