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A new step in life I just prayed about it see ?s below?

I have been going through some hard deep dark times and I was singing and worshipping in church and my relative says to me why dont you sing up there (meaning the worship platform) and I said I would in Gods timing.

My husband and I both sing and we love the Lord. My questions are these: I would consider being on the worship team if that is what the Lords will for me.

If you sing in the worship team what is expected of you? I heard that worship singing is a call to holiness? What are good godly ways to achieve this? I have sin in my life I am overcoming and I know the Bible says Love must be sincere and I believe so should your testimony? Does the Lord get mad at you even though a person sins and does wrong and repents that one should be allowed to sing on stage? How can worship and singing in front of people bring you closer to God and honor Jesus Christ?

For those of you that are in prasie and worship and love music what is your take on this?
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Wed, September 26 2012 » Religion & Spirituality

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