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The Greatest Gift To The Church This Decade Is iPod Video or Should I Call it Godcasting?

The Church in this day and age is making more headway into the hearts of people and letting them know the Love of God more than ever before. The Greatest gift given to The Church this decade has been the iPod.

I spoke with a Bishop today and he was telling me the great news of how his “Godcasting” is going. The Bishop said, “I couldn’t see them (my listeners). I didn’t shake any of their hands. Truth be told, they didn’t really visit us here at Church. They didn’t physically attend one of our weekend services. Many of them aren’t ready to walk into a church yet. Others live halfway around the globe. But all of them invited The Church into their iPods. They gave us a fraction of their storage space. In a sense, they invited me to go jogging with them, commute to work with them, or just plain hang out with them. It’s the Greatest Gift Given to the Church this Decade!”

How you ask? This pastor found a new way to reach out using podcasts. The iPod technology is a great way for Bishops, Pastors, people who have written books and music to reach the world with the Love of God. If this seems like fun, the technical part might need some guidance. Basically, this mobile device is able to play videos and music.

Apple, the company that started this revolution, claims in a purely informative ad which is posted on their official website, that the new iPod, which they call the new iPod video, can store 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos and at least 150 hours of video. They are as small as a cell phone but have powerful capabilities.

I remember hearing Bishop T.D Jakes a few years ago saying that if you are waiting to preach or have a song that you want to sing, you can go to the jails or nursing home and share your gifts with them while you are waiting to be showcased on an international stage. Why wait! Now there is technology available that allows anyone to generate a media that can be accessed by all, quite easily.

People with true God-given talent now are offered a place to share all that God had given them. Anyone searching for a way to share your ministry gifts can access this. So it’s time for more in the ministry to experience another great gift given to the Church — the iPod. Stop wasting time missing what could have been mastered; calling what could have been conquered; and hoping for what could have had all along.
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Sat, February 5 2011 » News And Society

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