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11 yo son suddenly not interested into going to church with the rest of the family?

my kids and i have always gone to church together as a family, and up until now, nobody has ever rebelled. my 11 yo son has had some bad experiences with church when he was with his old family (we adopted him when he was 9). they were fundamentalists and literally beat the crap out of him every time he so much as looked at someone wrong. when he started living with us, he went to church with us, and i thought he finally understood that true Christianity doesn’t treat you the same as his Grandfather did. He loved going to church and singing the songs, and talking with the other kids, and hugging the older people. The kid was all smiles the rest of the day. and couldn’t wait until Wednesday to go back. but now, he’s fighting it, every time we load up to go, he screams, kicks and fights till the end about not going. but when we get there, he’s his normal self. i’ve talked to him and asked him if someone at the church did something inappropriate to him, and he said no. what’s going on?
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Sat, August 28 2010 » Parenting

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