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Skipping Rope With Jesus – How I Do it and 6 Steps on How You Can Do it Too!

In the past three years I have been having a very hard and trying time with my mental illness. But then I learned how to skip rope with Jesus and live in joy and peace not matter how big the storm I am in. More…

On one of my trips to Heaven in visions, I came to a big park land. There were thousands and thousands of children in the lush green grass, all having fun. There was one of those rides with plastic horses on it, a carousel I think you call it. There were heaps of children on it, going round and round.

There were children doing what looked like martial arts training. There were a couple of boys wrestling on the ground. And closer to me there was about ten girls, eight watching, and two skipping a big rope together.

The park looked like fun. “So many children?” I thought.

Jesus spoke to my heart. “These are all children of abortions.”

It was a memorable trip that one. When I was there I wished I could skip the rope with the young teenage girls.

In the past year, after two previous years of really suffering and crying a lot, I have learned how to skip rope with Jesus.

Hard times come, trials come, and all you need to do is to praise Jesus until his presence comes to you and start to have a little joy and skip with him and laugh while you are in the midst of the storm.

To skip you have to have the Holy Spirits joy and peace, and reach out to Jesus and say, “Come on Jesus, let’s skip together.”

To be able to mount up on the Lord’s back and fly up in the air like and Eagle and see the big picture of the world and your purpose in it. Is a wonderful thing to be able to do.

Do you know to be an experienced fisherman you have to first have to know how to bate a fish, and wind them in. And another thing you have to be good at if you go to sea all the time is that you have to be able to stay alive in stormy seas.

So here are 6 steps to skipping with Jesus in the storms of life.

1. Be a person of prayer and constant conversation with both Jesus and the Father.

2. Be a person that not only reads the Word Of God often, but knows how to stand on the promises in it when you are in a storm.

3. Be a person that is connected to a church that has good people in it and a shepherd that cares for you.

4. Listen to praise and worship music and praise your way into the presence of the Lord Jesus.

5. Learn how to have the Holy Spirit carry you when you need supernatural help.

6. Don’t be too proud to ask other Christians to agree with you in prayer to help you through things.

Now the enemy goes around like a roaring line seeking who that he may devour. Many people, including me neglect to do all of these things, and they suffer more for that lifestyle. But if you want joy in the boat in the midst of the storm, skip rope with Jesus, then these are the things that work for me.

Be Blessed,

Matthew Robert Payne
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