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Christian Meaning of Names

Knowing the Christian meaning of names can help moms and dads decide which particular name to give their new child. Usually, parents choose Christian names that pertain to admirable qualities in a person, such as strength and purity. You don’t have to be very strict about creating names; sometimes, mixing and melding two or three names can produce wonderful names.

For Boys

There’s no need to choose the really old names to show your belief in the Christian faith; since we live in the modern world, make sure that the name you give your child would be ‘usable’ even during adulthood. There are some interesting names that you might want to consider. These have been culled from different name lists and were chosen because they were simply a cut above the rest.

Aaron is a good name, because it means an enlightened person. Abel on the other hand, is also symbolically loaded since it actually means “breath”. Abraham is an olden name, but this long male name actually means “the exalted father”. Adam, when translated, means “the father of this world/Earth”, since he was indeed the first man on earth, according to the book of Genesis. Benedict (the name of a few saints and our current pope)means “the blessed one”. These names are quite acceptable even cross-culturally, but they are actually quite Christian in their meanings.

For Girls

Choosing Christian names for girls can also be fun; especially if you know the basic meaning of the name you’re about to bestow. Remember; it’s alright if the exact meaning of the name is not really clear; many words are lost in translation. It’s just this peculiar property of language across various nations; sometimes, names and words have no exact translation. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving your child the name you think is beautiful.

There are some names that have found usage even beyond the Christian world. Names like Abigail (source of gladness) and Ada (contentment) have found expression in other cultures that have borrowed from the West. Now, if you want your child to remember to be gentle to people, name her Agnes. Andrea on the other hand, is the female name version of Andrew, which is the name of a Christian saint. Audrey is quite a pick since its’ meaning is “noble strength.”
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