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Christian Church Fundraiser Ideas

Church fundraisers are surprisingly simple to plan, easy to carry out and the results are often spectacular and unexpected. If there’s one organization that can amass enough money for a worthwhile and worthy cause, it’s a church. Most people have no qualms in donating to the church, because of its religious significance, as evidenced by the weekly giving of tithes and offerings. However, there may be extenuating and miscellaneous expenses that must be funded for the church to be presentable, or for it be run properly. This is where fundraisers come in.

Fundraiser Themes

Fundraisers are a quick and easy way to raise money for your church. Yard and garage sales, where church goers donate their novelty items,clothing, bags, shoes and sometimes even jewelry. Bake sales and soup kitchen days, while raising the revenue of the church; also attract people around the vicinity of the neighborhood to see what is happening at their local church. With a full stomach and a ready ear, a local pastor may opt to evangelize these people and invite them to regularly attend their congregation.

Event Fundraiser

Event fundraisers entail more stringent planning and preparation. Most of the time, a large fraction of the congregation volunteer, band together and prepare for the event that they want to host. These people may not be able to afford a monetary donation, but their labors will more than make up for it. Stress that their contribution is just as important as the donations, probably even more and to show your appreciation, organize a simple lunch for them. The planned event may be as formal and black-tie dinner, or as loose and pleasant as a praise and worship concert and fellowship night. The effort put into this may be considerable, but the payoff, especially if the event is widely-publicized and marketed by the church staff and congregation, will be more substantial, monetarily and spiritually-speaking.

A Word of Advice

Fundraising companies are very efficient and capable in drumming up the money your church may need, but their services require a bit of investment. Steer clear from them, unless you and your church have the budget to hire them. Fundraising is a meaningful and sensible endeavor that does not just buffer the spending of your church, it also builds the emotional and relationship ties of its members. Remember, with any church fundraiser idea your church implements, you may simply break even, or even lose a little. However, the fact that you’ve tried, worked amicably and harmonized with the other members, and did it all for the glory of God is more valuable than any amount of money.
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