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I worship. The very word “worship” conjures up many different definitions. The dictionary defines worship, “to adore; idolize” We usually refer to it as an act, done purposefully for a set block of time. But as Christians, “worship” should actually describe our lifestyle.

When I was a little girl, going to church on Sunday was “worship.” It was what we did – every Sunday – as a family. That hour in the church building with its liturgies, hymns and memorized prayers was our “worship service.”

And it was a time of awe and reverence: people dressed up, children were on their best behavior, and no one spoke out of turn. As the volume of our voices, or the silence during quiet meditation filled that place I remember my young spirit swelling up.

If asked now to describe that feeling I’d say I somehow knew God loved me; I somehow sensed He was there in that place with us.

Think about the “worship service” at your church. What does it include? Prayer for yourself and for others, singing about God, singing to God, giving your offering, studying the Bible, celebrating Holy Communion, confessing your sins, proclaiming your faith and fellowshipping with other believers, and hopefully a quiet time for listening to Him.

What about your personal worship time?
Is your lifestyle one of worship?

In my mind, worship and prayer are so intertwined; it’s sometimes difficult to separate them. Prayer is talking and listening to God, so is worship. Prayer is communing with God. So is worship.

Back in Old Testament times people didn’t have the privilege of communing with God so freely. There was a curtain in the temple to separate people from God, representative of how sin separated us from Him.

Only at scheduled times could appointed priests go behind the curtain to commune intimately with God; otherwise the people had to worship from afar.

God did not enjoy that curtain in the Holy of Holies. He much preferred walking and talking freely with His children like He did with Adam in the garden! God still wants to be approachable, not just for our salvation, but to enjoy life on this earth with us too! (Why else would He have sent Jesus to tear down that curtain and buy us back to Himself?)

So if prayer and worship are both intimate communing with God, “worship” is definitely more than just singing with the congregation on Sunday morning! It becomes a lifestyle.

Like sensing His presence and knowing He was close even when I was little, God desires that (and so much more) for each of us! While we are spending time with Him so closely, He leads and directs us how to live.

We worship Him further as we live out those directives. It’s a beautiful cycle! God loves this intimate communion called “worship”. And we grow and thrive in the midst of it. He made us to.
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