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Classical Wedding Ceremony Music For You To Walk Down The Aisle

The music played before and during your wedding ceremony tends to be much softer than the music that will be played at your reception. After all, no-one will be dancing during your ceremony. Classical wedding songs and ballads are typically played while the guests are waiting.

When the Music Plays

Proper wedding etiquette states you should choose at least five songs to be played when the guests are being seated as a prelude. There should be a special song for when the bride and groom’s mothers are seated. During the processional, there is a song played when the bridesmaids begin their walk down the aisle and the more dramatic song is used when the bride makes her appearance to begin her journey down the aisle to meet her dashing groom who awaits her.

You can also choose special songs that can be played at different points during the ceremony. You may have a favorite hymn, or want to remember a loved one with a heartfelt song. You can also have music specially chosen by the bride and groom to be played when the rings and the vows are exchanged, a unity candle is lit or during any other religious rituals.

The most joyous music is saved for when the ceremony is completed and the bride and groom are ready to make their way back up the aisle as they are warmly congratulated by their guests. The church or venue where you have chosen to have the ceremony may have standard music they play, but you can ask that other selections be played instead.

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Music

Some of the songs played during the prelude can be A Wedding Thank You. This is a lovely and gentle tune that will be appreciated by your guests as they wait for the big moment to arrive. Another beautiful song that is typically played while the guest awaits the appearance of the bride is To Our Family and Friends. It expresses the bride and groom’s appreciation to the guests for coming to witness such a joyous event in their lives.

Processional in D is the perfect song to play when your bridesmaids begin their walk down the aisle, or it can be played during the prelude. The Gift Without A Bow is a beautiful and romantic song that will fit right in for the prelude. Heaven Knows is a lovely song from a groom to his lovely bride and will be an ideal addition to your classical wedding ceremony music.
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