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Christian Gospel Music Singers – Alvin Slaughter Career Profile

The name Alvin Slaughter is today synonymous with spiritual and personal growth. An accomplished worship leader, Slaughter is also a multi-talented businessman, recording artist, inspirational speaker and philanthropist. Alvin’s life can be summarised as a personal journey of discovery, a journey in which he overcome many painful personal crisis and difficulties, discovering God in the process to create a multi-faceted music empire and business conglomerate.

Based in New York, Alvin Slaughter has been an inspiration and major contributor in the growth and development of praise and worship music. He brings a unique and rich musical stylization, creatively combining traditional gospel music with contemporary Christian music. In his early career he was a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in New York, becoming its lead male vocalist. Slaughter enjoyed early success with the choir which won several Grammy Awards.

Early in his career, behind his public life, Slaughter went through difficulties in his private life within his marriage, finances and other areas, leading to feelings of lack of self worth, hopelessness and lack of direction. Fortunately, he went on to overcome his personal demons in 1990 discovered Jesus and accepted Christ as his personal savior. Since then, he has never looked back and his mission and zeal in life since leaving the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in 1990 has been to empower those suffering from bondage, self doubt and damaged self esteem.

Slaughter continues to empower others enthusiastically and passionately, pointing them towards a relationship with God as the way for salvation. He channels his work through inspirational speeches, concerts, community programs and philanthropic donations towards worthy causes.

His book I Got It Back!, published by Serenity Publishing Company in 2006, was inspired by his own personal travails. The book itself was written to inspire others going through crisis and despair. Through wit, passion and drawing on his own deep insightful experience, Slaughter directs the reader to the omnipotence and omnipresence of God and His constant availability for salvation.

Alvin Slaughter’s achievements are numerous and to date he has amassed eight albums. He received three Dove Award nominations for Praise & Worship Album of the Year, Contemporary Black Gospel Album of the Year and Contemporary Black Gospel Song of the Year. Alvin also received nomination for the Stellar Award Best Male Solo Performance.

Today, Slaughters legacy is widespread, far reaching and has turned around numerous lives for the good; and he continues to entertain Christians worldwide with his inspiring music. Slaughter founded the Alvin Slaughter International, a charitable organization which provides material and educational aid to the needy not just in the United States but all over Africa and the third world. He also founded Alvin Slaughter Music, through which he appears in hundreds of events yearly in the United States and all over the world, appearing in concerts and inspirational speaking conferences. Slaughter hosted his popular television program Highest Praise, on the Trinity Broadcasting and Sonlight Broadcasting Network; and has partnered with civic groups, charitable organizations and denominational churches all over the world, bringing his message of empowerment and hope to millions.
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