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Worship Guitar Sheet Music – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone online to find worship guitar sheet music and couldn’t find a song anywhere near be correct. I mean, often times the worship guitar sheet will have the right key (certainly not always) or even the right chords (this is a gem, if you can find that), but rarely is the worship guitar sheet music ready to go as-is. The chords are usually not in the right place, above the correct syllable on the right word. And the even more confusing thing is that some of the chords on the sheet are exactly where they need to be, while others are off just a little bit or even way off.

This can be confusing when you go to play the song. It never sounds quite right. And, what’s worse, is if you happen to play in a worship band, it can really throw off the other members of the band if you put this unaltered worship guitar sheet music in front of them without warning them.

What’s the solution?

What I do is copy and paste the lyrics and chords onto a page and then go through and make the necessary nudges, deletions and additions to the chart before I place it in my library, and certainly before I put it before any other band member whom I may be playing alongside. I take the time to put the chord directly above the syllable, the vowel where the chord change is exactly. This saves me time and frustration later. I wish there were a place that I could find a whole library of songs where somebody has taken the same care that I have to put these charts together.
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