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Trying to Unravel the Secrets of Christianity

I would like to start by explaining what a secret actually is. It would be a bit of knowledge that was intentionally withheld from other people. If there are any secrets in the Bible, why do only a only a select few individuals know about them.

I would like to suggest something that most Christians might not want to hear, but they definitely need to start thinking about. If there are secrets, why are they being kept from us and if there aren’t any, why are so many giving us the illusion that there actually are.

Let’s start by looking at the reasons for only a select few to actually keep the secrets. There really aren’t any that I could come up with, that would actually make sense, but here’s a few, just to satisfy your appetite for curiosity. Fear, greed and ignorance just for starters. If there are secrets in the Bible and only a few people know about them, it’s probably more about control and power than anything else.

What about the scenario, that there might not be any secrets in the Bible? I don’t know for a fact whether there are or aren’t any secrets in the Bible, but I would imagine if there were, I wish someone would start sharing them with us. Is the Bible actually a hoax and it was only meant to control and create fear in intelligent thinking people?

I don’t believe that there are any secret messages or secret Bible codes, but if you do, that’s okay with me. Only one of us is right and until we have the proof, your secret is going to be safe with me, whatever secret that is of course.

I don’t know how many books and movies there actually are on secrets in the Bible, but I haven’t seen any of them, that unravel anything about Christianity. All I really see is a bunch of words being manipulated, twisted and turned in the preferred direction of their masters.
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Fri, December 7 2012 » News And Society

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