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Was Our Country Founded on Christian Values?

The Declaration of Independence document proclaimed the independence of the 13 British colonies in America and was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia. The holiday was first observed on July 8, 1776 at which time the Declaration of Independence was read aloud. It was not declared a legal holiday until 1941. Today we celebrate with picnics, parades, patriotic speeches, organized firing of guns and displays of fireworks. This is a brief history of our Independence Day in America. But was our country founded on Christian values by our fore founders? The truth is some were and some were not Christian. But even those who were not were influenced by the principles of Christianity. The first Christian concept acknowledges that the Declaration of Independence says that man is created and that the Creator, God, bestows the rights. This means that no man can take away our rights and that the government, instituted by God, protects those rights. God gave man freewill and the function of government is to protect and make sure we exercise this will. Did you know the Continental Congress called for a day of fasting and prayer within the colonies? They asked God to give them direction as to whether they should secede from England before the reps of the Congress signed the Declaration of Independence.

Are you aware that the congress began its sessions with prayer, which is still a practice in both houses of congress today? God was referred to in the constitutions of the colonies and later the thirteen states as: one God in South Carolina and Connecticut; Almighty in North Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Vermont; in Massachusetts, He was called, the Supreme Being, the Creator, Good and the Great Legislator of the Universe; He was called the Governor of the Universe in Pennsylvania and Vermont; and the inspirer of the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in South Carolina and Pennsylvania. His Divine Providence was recognized in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In Connecticut he was called Savior and Lord. Do you think the classroom in our country ever study these documents today? I think not! These references to God make clear that our founding fathers recognized and acknowledged God’s nature and authority, as well as mankind’s dependence upon the Lord. They believed that individual rights were God given and not manmade. Even though today’s society tries to take away our rights by separating church and state and eliminating God from our schools, God remains the true forefather of this country. Even though He gave us the right to choose and think for ourselves, ultimately he’s in control. And as Thomas Jefferson said, “The reason that Christianity is the best friend of government is because Christianity is the only religion that changes the heart.”
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Thu, January 20 2011 » News And Society

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