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The Marriage Without Christianity

It’s what doesn’t work with God. You may call it the irreligious marriage. You try to recall what happened. You trace it and catch the glimpses of the vistas of what was denied after mountains of promises. You remember the height that was not attained. Not the height, but the depth of love that never was. Not how bad it’s turned, but the greatness that it once was promised. Not anymore about the dreams of best of times, but the reality of the worst.

Think back! Remember you proposed that just being together would be the height of your entire day? What did you picture then that has become blurred now? You remember you promised you’d be calling just to hear his voice? The gifts you vowed to buy her ‘come rain, come shine.’ You held that opening doors for her would be your delight; pulling out chairs for her would be automated by the steam of the love from your heart. Now it’s all different.

You swore that cooking his favorite dish wouldn’t be halted by exhaustion from working late; you learned all about getting him down for the count with romance, repeating them all again and again.

You would appear cute at every dinner even when conditions would try to downstage your plans. We had it that intimacy would be all about us. You talked about your planned special looks, poems, songs, times, places and many more other dreams. Oh! Flowers didn’t miss the flight to some unknown island; they’ve disappeared, gone.

Call back to mind what you had intended to do for love. All those have become flaccid and frustrated. The thriller, you think, may have appeared by accident. No. It was denied growth by a hidden agenda! You were the thriller. What you did was motivated by the wishes of the world from which you’ve come.

You can’t have two families in two worlds: one from within, one from without! One reserves the right of being ‘first’. It got infuriated because it couldn’t bear having to share with others, whom it considers inferior, what it’s enjoyed all alone in the days of yore. Besides, the action was extra terms. It broke the pot of your romance, turned you insensitive, put out its flame and ensured that the hearth is kept damp all the time.

Christians, be advised that in matters of marriage you’d need to pray hard before you commit your all to it. Above all, the pilot light can burn again through your faith in God who alone can reverse the seemingly irreversible and stimulate actions that can fan the flame into full blown fire again.
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Mon, April 9 2012 » Relationships

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