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Healing Touch – 7 Reasons Why Wise Women Healers Faired Badly in Christianity

Though women are natural healers by virtue of their roles as mother, nurturer, and midwife, they have suffered greatly at the hands of church beliefs in history. Can Christian women healers who practice a “healing touch” learn from the past so as not to repeat it? Women for many ages have been viewed as the cause of “sin” due to a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of the Garden of Eden. Jesus honored and respected the roles of women and counted them among his disciples. They played a prominent role in the Early Church and were often seen in roles of “healer.” However, women’s healing roles through the ages have shrunk and the women healers have been greatly feared and oppressed.

Most people through history consulted with wise women healers when the work of the physicians did not help. These healers used herbs and rites which were believed to be quite powerful. These wise healers were usually sought out in secret and only in a crisis for fear of authorities. They worked with powerful plants and learned their trade through the oral tradition and apprenticeship. They were the midwives, the herbalists, the bone-setters, the possessors of “magical information” that is, knowledge that came through intuitive knowing. They were viewed as having a “healing touch” for those who were sick. So why were these wise women persecuted in history?

1. Women in general were viewed as the cause of man’s downfall because of a literal interpretation of the Bible(Eve gave Adam the apple)

2. Wise women were a threat to both state and church authorities because of their ability to heal maladies

3. These women healed through mysterious knowledge of herbs, touch, and intuitive knowledge not sanctioned by men

4. Wise women upset the natural order of knowledge coming from God to men (both state and church were patriarchal)

5. The church had already assigned healing duties to the all male priesthood-not to wise women healers who came to be labeled witches and heretics

6. The touching performed by wise women healers was viewed as sinful at best

7. Concerns for the physical body was deemed appropriate in the hands of physicians who were all men. Physicians belonged to the emerging guilds of the day-women were not allowed since they were viewed as an inferior sex.

Unfortunately the gifts of these wise women healers became suspect and they were branded as witches who possessed an evil eye. Many were persecuted throughout Europe and literally millions were put to death under the Church’s inquisition. Anyone could turn in a woman healer to the authorities. Anyone could point a finger and say “she touched me and healed me of my pain. This must be through the power of the devil.”

So how can we learn from history so as not to repeat it? How can Christian women make a contribution of their healing touch to their church communities without being condemned as practicing “new age” or “witchcraft” or be told that it is against the scriptures? Learning about our true story of healing in Christianity is a start. Millions of women have gone before us and have braved the criticisms as they followed their heart and followed God’s call to service.

To learn more about this fascinating story of how the Christian Church moved so far from the teachings of Jesus, I invite you to investigate a program that aims to restore healing as a way of Christian service. How can we learn today the ancient art of healing with touch? Educational courses that are Christian-based can help us reclaim our rightful role in healing.
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