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Selling Christianity

Anxious to move on to my next step in my own evolution and an experience of the physical life that embraces it, I am sometimes brought back to the reality of my own existence by my emotions or what someone has written or said. All of us including myself express ourselves from our own truth and what we belief to be so. However, we can become arrogant and pretentious when we believe our truth is right.

This is probably the greatest motivator for me wanting to rid our language of the most harmful four words of, “right” and “wrong” and “good” and “bad” and replace them with words like “what works” and what “does not work”.

It is not my intention to pick on any one belief system, however, Christianity is what I was raised with so it will be mentioned here. Christianity is one of between four and five thousand religions existing today. All of these religions and beliefs are simply footprints in the sand marking the evolutionary path of mankind in his search to find himself. If you follow the footprints long enough you will find that they come back to themselves; they do not lead him to enlightenment. However, every one of those footprints must be created in order to even return to oneself. If you are stuck in any one box, you are going nowhere. If you are damned to any one belief system you are stuck in purgatory. Spiritual survival depends on movement, on experiencing all aspects of life, not just the box of cornflakes.
The purpose of a spiritual teacher is not to bind people to his dogma, thereby making “believers” of them; but to awake them from the universal “dream!” —Arlo R. Hansen

A close friend of mine emailed me this week and wrote that religion has a bad name. I believe that religion should not be condemned no be given a bad name, but embraced and experienced as one of the footprints we LEAVE BEHIND. Every footprint is an end unto itself, it is a sign post and it goes nowhere. It is the collection of footprints which takes us to a higher awareness; it is the process, and therefore no one impression will take us there.

There is an expression that says “One may be thought a fool, but it is not known until you open your mouth.” We are all at risk of being thought a fool, but foolishness is forgiven in the process of learning. Foolishness is also another footprint from which we define ourselves and therefore is valid in our own assessment. Christianity is no better or worse than any other religion – if it serves us in the moment. It no longer serves us when we are entrapped by it.

I don’t have any issues with Christianity or anything else except for the entrapment that is inherent with being in a box. I don’t even have any issues with people sending me emails or publishing articles on my site, trying to preach Christianity to me, because it really has nothing to do with them; it is all about me and how I receive and react to their gift.

The greatest gift they give me is opportunity. Someone who has made it to university can surely see the value in starting off in grade one. Why would you condemn that which has brought you so far? You may no longer be able to relate to a six year old, but you can bless them for where they are along their journey. In fact if you could let go for a moment you may even be able to relate better to one, because you have been there, done that; but you would not stay there very long.

The part of me that is human and subject to emotion (ego) wants to help them, but that is judgmental. No one needs help until they know that they do, and at that moment they will take the next step. You and I are only responsible for ourselves and for bringing opportunities for change to others if that is how we see ourselves – to demonstrate another way. The world does not need changing, the footprints are there and appropriately so; it is our thoughts about them which need changing when they no longer work for us. It is observable from the footprints where they lead; if most of them lead to war, then we need to understand the root thoughts behind the footprints.

The West has declared itself Christian, so it must be the root belief of Westerners or Christians that it is OK to kill. And that would be self evident by reading history and the texts by which the Christians govern themselves. I am not singling out Christianity here, it could be almost any religion, nor do I have to defend myself, because it is self evident; I am merely making an observation based on the history books (footprints).

As a former Christian, I know it to be true. In the Western/Christian world, if we don’t get what we want, we invade, we take it or we kill for it. That is the world of primitive minds and that is who we are – it is observable. Actions always, always, speak louder than words. Actions are thoughts manifested and are observable; to say otherwise is a bold faced lie. Eighty four percent of the world is religious and we demonstrate the results of religious belief every day. We cannot say with any accuracy that what we belief is bringing us what we say we want to experience.

The title for this article my not be appropriate, because Christianity and other beliefs do not need to be sold, they need to be accepted with all their faults and their strong points; After which we can make a choice to include it them om our experience or not. The world is not moving in the direction we say we want it to. We say we want peace, but we can not experience or demonstrate peace because our basic beliefs are flawed.

It is apparent that holding onto beliefs that do not work, brings greater satisfaction than the effort to change them; desiring is more pleasurable than experiencing. The satisfaction of believing in a universal truth may unite us, but it also blinds us. Hitler and others demonstrated that truth very effectively, and it is still used.

Sell religion by all means, it is who we are and it is honest. For those more enlightened, it simply does not work.
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