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Truth – What Does it Mean to Christianity?

On one of the articles I wrote, someone left a comment asking me if I would define truth to them. I told them that I believed truth was something that could be proven and easily explained to almost anyone. This might not make sense to me two years from now, but today the truth is something that has enough satisfactory scientific support and evidence to justify any claims that are made against or for them.

If you easily digested my explanation of truth and you consider yourself to be a knowledgeable Christian, I would love to hear what truth actually means to you and how it applies to Christianity. Jesus said something like,” If you seek the doors will be opened and you shall find your answers.”

This makes sense to me, but I still live in a world of confusion as someone makes one statement about the truth, knowing that it’s a lie. Are religious leaders allowed to communicate in deceptive ways, often twisting Bible verses to make one-sided points? I watch a lot of videos and listen to a lot of audios, while reading some books about Christianity, only to find some of these Christian leaders stretching the truth.

I don’t believe that anyone should be penalized for making a statement, but I do believe that these people need to be reeducated whenever possible and admit that they are wrong, if they actually are. People write to me regularly, pointing out things that I said in error and I believe that this makes me a better person.

I would like to point something out to any Christians reading this article. I would like you to think twice, the next time that you make a statement about something that you believe in, even though you don’t have enough evidence to support your claims.

A good example of this would be, telling people about heaven, even though there isn’t any proof that heaven actually exists and making it sound like it does. If you’ve got the proof, let’s see it if you want to base everything off of faith, you should make statements accordingly.
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Sun, September 23 2012 » News And Society

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