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Sex and Christianity – How to Make it Work

There are important keys in making sex and Christianity work to the most intimate and religiously sound way possible. Here are some important steps to take to ensure Christian sex is experienced lovingly and intimately the way it should.

1. Communicate and helping one another. Sex in a Christian relationship should consist of strong communication between you and your partner. Acknowledge your likes and dislikes, while not falling into the trap of “feeling embarrassed”. Your Christian relationship should bring you close and intimate as a couple, and sexually you should be open to one another. Feel free to express your need for help or guidance when it comes to sexually related issues.

2. Learning the Rules. Don’t get overburdened by the rules in regards to Christian related sex. Many couples are pleasantly surprised to discover all that is allowable. Simply learn the rules, recognize the restrictions, and leave it at that. Generally the restrictions have to do with acts that involve potential harm, which Christian couples wouldn’t even consider anyway. A good Christian sex guide can dispel many of the myths regarding Christian restrictions and reveal to you allowable and sound Christian intimacy practices.

3. Enjoy, Celebrate, Become Excited. This is sometimes lacking in Christian intimacy and it absolutely should be the number one issue to focus on and make sure is present in your relationship. The act of sex is a beautiful gift from God and it should be enjoyed and celebrated as such. So get excited about Christian sexual intimacy! You can learn several tips and techniques which will supercharge Christian intimacy from a good Christian sex guide.
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