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Problems With Christianity As it Marches Through History

Christianity is now over 2000 years old and has seen its fair share of problems throughout history. Unless you study history or early Christianity, there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t know about most of the problems that this particular religion incurred.

Early Christians were persecuted by the Romans for about 300 years until the Roman Emperor Constantine accepted Christianity as the religion of choice for the Roman Empire. In other words, Christianity was a small fish in a big pond, until the Emperor made it a large fish.

If you’re a Christian reading this article, do you even know how or where the Bible originated from? Do you know what motivated the Emperor Constantine to make Christianity the unquestionable winner and why? I don’t really know if Christians even care about early Christian history, but it’s about time that they start taking a serious interest in it.

We have the Spanish Inquisition’s, the Christian Crusades and of course the contradictions within the Holy Bible, that make it almost impossible to accept Christianity as a religion created by a superior being instead of man.

Throughout history, people have made choices to go to war in the name of God or to ruthlessly slaughter non-believers. Other religions have done the same thing and I don’t want to single out Christianity is the only religion throughout the world that has performed these horrendous atrocities on mankind.

It’s hard to look back at history and think that the Christian faith wasn’t all about power. If you examine the history of the Roman Catholic Church, it’s hard to think of Christianity, without thinking about all of the control that it had on Europe and other continents.

I don’t know why most Christians don’t take the time to examine early Christianity or where the Bible came from or murder and persecution of nonbelievers and all of the other problems that Christianity had.

The more that I study early Christianity or the history of the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations, I can’t see God anywhere and can see man everywhere within the choices that these organizations made.
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