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The Shocking Truth About Jesus and Christianity

There have been many great teachers ,who have walked this earth as men of flesh and blood,who have tried to teach mankind about the meaning of life, and how to live and find eternal happiness.Jesus the Christ ,perhaps,was one of the greatest. He was a man of light, who grew, to live his life as a man very close to the power of the universe.

Yes, Jesus was a savior. He tried to teach man how to save himself. He said that man must change his ways of thinking and living.He said a man must be reborn in order to find heaven.He also said the kingdom is not of this world ,as we know it. Jesus said you will know that you have past from death unto life (rebirth) for you will love your brother.This has not yet happened.

Jesus built no churches with walls.Jesus built his church upon Peter. Peter represents knowledge.Knowledge is the cornerstone of the church that Jesus built.Jesus showed man many great things that a man can do with the power of god. The power of god flows from within man. Man must realize, that with the power of god all things are possible.

I have heard many christiens say that Jesus died for our sins, and that if we believe in Jesus , and we pray to Jesus and God we will be saved.Well, Let me say, that leaves us saying that Jesus has done all the work, through his teachings, and suffered all his hardships, by our hands, yes yours and mine, and that all we have to do is believe and pray some words,and that we will be saved.

Jesus did not come to this earth for us to kill him, and show us his forgiveness of our sin. Jesus came to this earth to show us how to live. We must not add nor omit anything to his teachings. We must live our lives the way he taught us and also showed us. True prayer is how we live our lives.

Christianity has spread over the centuries through bloodshed, brother against brother.Trust me when I say this was not the teachings of Jesus.

I hope we still have a chance to save ourselves. God shine your light upon us, and give us the strength to stay in your light.
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