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Birth Of Christianity In France Was A Love Story

Do not believe that events which upset History must always begin with serious causes.

More than one king fought the war because he fell in love with some lady or conquered an country because he loved a woman who was living there.

A woman is hidden behind each great character. Women are constantly present in the History: they made the kings, offered their crown to them or made them lose it. They encouraged kings to conquer countries, destroy cities, build castles, appreciate artists…

During the Vth century, France was still a Barbarian country. The worship of several Gods was its people religion at that time. Christianity had not joined us yet.

In the year 492, Clovis was King of the Franks and only 25 years old and was looking for his second wife – his first wife was a Scandinavian princess. His emissaries were seeking through Europe the most beautiful woman.

In these times, an important character did not that kind of task by himself.

The beauty of a person being a personal appreciation, we wonder whether if indeed Clotilde was beautiful, but the continuation of the story will prove that the King of Barbarians fell in love with her.

Clovis emissaries found “the most beautiful woman in the world”: Clotilde – Chilperic’s daughter (King of Burgundy) which reigned in Lyon before being assassinated by his brother. Clotilde was 18 years old and lived in her uncle Gondebaud’s castle when she was distinguished by the emissaries. Clovis charged his friend Aurelius to obtain Clotilde and Gondebaud’s assent. Clotilde accepted immediately. Gondebaud was shocked but did not refuse.

Thus Clotilde and the objects constituting her dowry went away towards Clotilde’s fiance.

The run wasn’t calm: Gondebaud having meanwhile changed his opinion, he wanted his niece returns and the poor one, to escape to him, had to give up her dowry, jump on a horse and leave the limits of Burgundy.

Once arrived in the city of Senlis she married Clovis who, apparently, did not like to wait.

Clotilde, helped by Saint-Remi, wanted to convert Clovis to Christianity. He adored the Barbarian Gods. Disavowing his fathers Gods was a great risk for him and his authority.

Indeed, Barbarians were descendants of the Gods and to convert to Christianity was deprive himself of his right to reign. However, Clotilde obtained that their first child, Ingomir, received the baptism.

Unfortunately, the baby died a few days later and Clovis blamed it on the Christian religion. Their second child was called Chlodomer and baptized according to the Christian rite too.

Clovis agreed to convert and in Christmas day of the year 496, he accepted the baptism in Rheims. This conversion had very important consequences in the Gallic policy. Clovis was recognized as chief by millions of Catholic in Gaule.

Thus was born the dynasty from “the Catholic Kings”. And it is thanks to Clotilde, a woman. Without the love Clovis had for her, he never had converted.

After the conquest of the Visigoths, Clovis and Clotilde settled in Paris and made their capital of this town.

Clovis died november 27th in the year 511 and Clotilde retired in Tours at the time of her widowhood. She died in the year 545.
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