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Christianity and Mental Illness

Can you be mentally ill and be a devoted Christian? I laugh as I ask the question because there is a school of thought, which believes Christians don’t have mental problems. How can a Christian be Bi-Polar or suffer from chronic depression? After all Jesus is a healer and if you are a Christian, you just have to trust Jesus to solve all your problems including mental illness. I agree Jesus is a healer and He can and does solve problems but Christian do have mental disorders.

Salvation from sin is one thing but as long as we live in this body of clay, there will be problems with the body and the mind. Just because a person has a mental disorder doesn’t mean he/she has done something wrong nor are does it mean they are living in sin. Having a mental disorder is no different from any other illness. Mental illness, regardless of the cause is simply an illness.

I was diagnoses with Bi-Polar disorder over 10 years ago. I went through the various stages of acceptance and finally concluded that I have a profound relationship with Jesus and I still have a mental illness. I was ashamed, confused and hide this fact for years but today I understand it is ok to have a mental illness. I do what is necessary to keep it under control; much like a diabetic has to watch what they eat. Just like a diabetic, I have to do certain things in order to stay balanced and healthy. I have to take my meds. Oh, I rebelled against taking meds for years and the result was self-medication. Oh course alcohol and other drugs didn’t work. However, if I take my Bi-Polar meds on a daily basis like I am suppose to, things are ok.

In addition to taking meds, I spend time with God. I pray on a regular basis and I read my Bible and other inspirational books. I have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and that relationship is far better when I take my medicine as directed.

You can have a relationship with God and be mentally ill. In fact, I need God as much as I need my meds. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a Christian and be mentally ill. I am living proof that a Christian can have mentally illness.
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