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Desperate Housewives Go To Church With Questions Seeking Answers, Understanding, Faith & Friendship

ABC’s Desperate Housewives 4/18/2008 episode is packed with spiritual content and faith filled heartfelt discussions.

Like clockwork on Sunday the faithful emerged from their homes wearing their Sunday best with Bibles in hand as they headed off to their various places of worship. Passing by a certain non-believer who had never taken an interest in their ritual, but on this day, Lynette Scavo for the first time in her life was awakened within with divine inspiration.

Persuading her hubby to forego watching the Pistons so she could go to church to get some of her questions answered about God and Jesus, Lynette and family got dressed to go to attend church.

Upon walking outside, her neighbor Bree immediately commented on how pretty Lynette looked and asked her what she was all dressed up for? Lynette said, “I decided I should go to church today. …Since you’re the most religious person I know I was wondering if you would take us to your church?”

Once in church together, the scene changes to the Pastor’s sermon wherein he says: “And this is what should bring us peace in our hearts. The blessed knowledge that God’s love for us is as sure as the sunlight and that it is always shining. We only need to see it.”

Lynette being a bit puzzled, raises her hand in church to ask a question.

Bree who is running for the chair of the women’s auxilliary terrified that she’ll be utterly humiliated and ruined asks: “What are you doing?”

Lynette: “I’ve got a question about the sermon.”

Bree: “Please! We don’t do that here.”

After a heartfelt discussion during the week, Bree convinced Lynette that interrupting the Pastor and asking questions isn’t typical for their church. In fact Bree advised Lynette to explore other churches perhaps more suitable for her.

The following Sunday, Pastor Sykes greets Bree as she enters the church saying: “So is your delightful neighbor coming? The one with all the questions?”

Bree: “Delightful? Heh, I thought she annoyed you?”

Pastor: “No, I found her refreshing. It’s like I always say. Church is not a place for answers. It’s a place for questions.”

This dialogue goes to show you the many misnomers, false presumptions, and erroneous beliefs we have about God and church. Jesus interacted with His disciples freely and wholeheartedly.

The word “sermon” is not in the Bible. This is clearly a creation of man-made religion and church, which tends toward ceremony, to constrain mankind and keep them quiet. True spirituality consists of meaningful dialogue and interaction, not merely a monologue that puts people to sleep.
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