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Can anyone write down how to pronounce the word in this song in Chinese?

So I want to teach the Kids at church this song in Chinese since the Missons Offering are going to China this trimester. It’s the Song “Above all” the letters are there. It’s like Kareoke but it’s in Chinese, I just want to know how to pronounce it. Thanks! the Author: Check out more [...]

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Is sex between a brother and his sister a sin in Christianity?

What does the Bible say about a consensual sexual relationship between a brother and his sister (if we’re both 18+)? Does it condone a marriage between them? Is this mentioned in scripture? Is it forbidden? Please answer, no flaming.About the Author: Check out more information on godaddy coupon code

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Tue, December 22 2009 » Religion & Spirituality » 38 Comments

The Show Church

In North Korea there are churches that have been opened by the government, just for show. I was pondering recently over the situation in America. One wonders how much of what we Christians do is for the same reason, show. How many churches are run by the bulletin instead of by His program? How many [...]

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Christian Women Retreat Activities that Rock

Busy women will invest time, money and home-based suicide in order to attend a retreat where they can relax, recharge and build relationships. The types of relationship building activities to include in your retreat should- generate laughter – increase guest interaction and – build relaxation by eliminating the fear of being embarrassed.HOLD ENJOYABLE CONTESTS WHERE [...]

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Does Anyone know of a good christian song for Pastor Appreciation?

Does Anyone know of a good christian song for Pastor Appreciation? Anything other than “Thank you for Giving to the Lord”…. That one has been done so many times at my churchAbout the Author: Check out more information on follow wedding_favors

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Tue, December 15 2009 » Religion & Spirituality » 6 Comments

Active Faith in Operation

Salvation FaithAs sinful human beings, we are spiritually dead to the things of God. We do not have any personal capacity to comprehend, understand or receive the salvation provided by Jesus Christ. In short, we are not only spiritually blind but also spiritually dead. It is the Holy Spirit who is instrumental in revealing Jesus [...]

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Drums and Worship – The Rhythm of Religion

Drum music can be moving in the extreme. It is vital, powerful and speaks to our most basic instincts. Perhaps this is because the purpose of drum music is, in essence, to provide a beat that can be heard by everyone. The beat unites the listeners, puts them all in the same time and space, [...]

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Any graduation songs for church?

i need to sing on sunday!! any ideas??rafting

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Thu, December 10 2009 » Performing Arts » 4 Comments

Gospel Evangelist Bishop Eddie Long – Life & Times

Bishop Eddie Long is a multi talented businessman and theological extraordinaire with a consuming passion to restore souls and heal spiritual wounds in communities that is unmatched. Long is impassioned, driven and emboldened by biblical teachings to empower souls, spread the gospel and make a difference in communities and in society as a whole. Bishop [...]

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Southern Gospel Music

Gospel music is generally believed to have come from African American slaves. It was a way of expressing faith and praises through joyful music so very much distinctive of them. Most gospel music contains some downtrodden themes that can stir different emotions among its listeners; it has a passion that can be traced back to [...]

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