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why isn’t questions related to Christianity in the Myth and Folklore section?

seriously. if humans become smarter as a whole, eventually Christianity will be treated like greek mythology is today.petal cones

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What is the meaning of life?

Ok as you could see I’m a bit confused because I don’t know what’s the real meaning of life? Life isn’t always fair. There are constant wars that only succeed in killing innocent people. I admit that I watch porn, but now I think of it as a waste of time, a degration to both […]

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Lost in this era? I feel so out of place being a “generation y” kid, any ideas?

I feel so out of place because I find myself relating more with generation x and older generations rather than MY generation (y). I mean this in all aspects-music, ideas, beliefs, etc. My style is just that of an older person…while not an older person, but people ranging in the 60’s-70’s era (say if they […]

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