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How to Seduce Your Husband and Make Him Worship You

Often, the intimacy in any marriage can wear out after a while. It’s natural but unless you take action to reignite it from time to time, you may find it hard to bring it back again. This is why it’s important to know how to seduce your husband. Gone are the days in which seduction […]

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Wedding Ceremony Songs

Songs and music are very important things at your wedding ceremony, and therefore be sure that you make the right picks. Remember, your wedding day is one that not just you both will remember forever, but many of your guests too. Show your love to each other and to your guests too with the songs […]

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Choosing Wedding Songs For a Church Ceremony

Your wedding will forever be remembered, etched in the mind of your wedding guests who could not help but wipe the tears in their eyes upon seeing two people they care about finally united as one. This will only be realized however, if you chose the right music for the occasion. Choosing songs that will […]

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The Marriage Without Christianity

It’s what doesn’t work with God. You may call it the irreligious marriage. You try to recall what happened. You trace it and catch the glimpses of the vistas of what was denied after mountains of promises. You remember the height that was not attained. Not the height, but the depth of love that never […]

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The Importance Of Wedding Songs

If you go back to the early wedding of the 16th century the wedding songs played an integral part of the ceremony. The tradition was for the bride to be led down the alter by her farther accompanied by the wedding songs of their choice usually something slow and fairly quiet. After the vows had […]

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Beautiful Wedding Songs For Your Wedding

Wedding songs have always been a very sentimental and sweet touch to add to a wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is a big event for you and you want to choose wedding songs that fit your personality and to show your love for one another, it gives everyone at your wedding an emotional feeling. Wedding […]

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Catholic Wedding Music – Beautiful Choices for a Beautiful Day

Catholic wedding music is valued because it helps the congregation pray together. As St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice.” Remember that a Catholic wedding is a celebration of the Catholic mass, so Catholic wedding music should be prayerful and beautiful. The wedding is regarded as a mystical, magnificent Eucharistic liturgy which is a […]

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How to Select Meaningful Wedding Songs

Wedding songs can make any wedding a memorable event for the bride and groom as well as the guests. Your wedding might feature a live band, a solo pianist, and/or a DJ. Either way, your musical selections will help set the mood for your special day. Select wedding songs that reflect your personality and relationship. […]

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Finding the Right Christian Wedding Scripture

Getting married is one of the most exciting times of your life. Your wedding invitations are a great way to express your love and commitment to each other, and especially to God. Christian wedding invitations should be decorated not only with doves and laces, but also with a  meaningful scripture from the Bible. Why use […]

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Classical Wedding Ceremony Music For You To Walk Down The Aisle

The music played before and during your wedding ceremony tends to be much softer than the music that will be played at your reception. After all, no-one will be dancing during your ceremony. Classical wedding songs and ballads are typically played while the guests are waiting. When the Music Plays Proper wedding etiquette states you […]

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