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Know of any under-advertised bands?

I love classic rock. I worship Ozzy Osbourne. I love music, it’s my life. my range of interests extend from, Iron Maiden to a nice upbeat acoustic band. I really don’t like much modern music for the most part. though I do like Linkin Park. Now I was just wondering if anyone knew of some […]

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i dont understand indie rock, yes it’s true?

i refer to everything shoegaze, dream pop, twee, noise, post-rock, etc collectively as indie rock. dont agree? tough. deal with it. what is the appeal of that music? much of it is so “experimental” it defies rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. honestly most of it annoys me its so strange. i like very few bands that […]

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Are these good songs for a dance at church for Grade 9-12?

Continuation from my last question ealier, basically having a dance at my Catholic church in my Lifeteen Group, whicc is for Grade’s 9-12. How is this as a list of song requests? -Burning Up-Jonas Brothers -Get Back-Demi Lavato -One Love-Jordan Pruitt -Jordin Sparks-One Step At A Time -Crush-David Archuleta -Beautiful Soul-Jesse Mccartneybath wedding favors

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Huevo’s band of the day?

Formed in Olympia, Washington by indie legend Calvin Johnson (who also founded K Records), Beat Happening had a prolific influence on the way the music scene looks today. Drawing off a lo-fi sound, major fans of the band included Kurt Cobain and Ian McKaye. In fact I found this excerpt on Wikipedia which I found […]

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Where can I download “Angels Fall Down” by Skillet?

Where can I download the original studio version? I looked on iTunes and they don’t have it. I’m talking about the one from the music video ( it had clips from the film “Apocalypse of John”.) I’m not talking about the live versions from from “Ardent Worship” or “Comatose Comes Alive”, so please none of […]

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What are some unknown Christian bands?

I really love Christian music and i’m always looking for some new stuff to listen to. What are some good Christian rock and worship bands that aren’t widely known like local bands or new bands and stuff that i can listen to on the internet. maybe even introduce to my youth group band so we […]

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Who thinks Badlands by Metal Church is one of the best thrash songs to ever be released?

THIS SONG IS FKIN AWESOME!!! if u dont listen to metal church and ur a metalhead then dude start listening to them.i just found out about them yesterday and already they’re my favorite band. metal church:underrated thrash DUDE I JUST DOWNLOADED SOME SONGS FROM THOSE ALBUMS U GUYS POSTED AWESOMEEE!pirate party planning

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