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Song idea for a slideshow/powerpoint – new school?

The high school I teach at has been torn down and a new building has just been constructed. Any song ideas for opening a opening day slide show? The slide show will be shown at a religious service at the church next door. Thankspremium wordpress themes

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what do you think i should sing for my audition?

i have to audition for a women’s choir this month and i dont know what songs to sing. I have to sing one up-tempo and one slower song… i was kinda thinking that i should do a worship song because i am good at those, but i am not sure which ones i can get […]

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I heard a song recently that I can’t place. It’s not a new song?

I think it’s been around for about 3-5 years. Can’t identify much about the lyrics because they’re difficult to understand. The beginning sounds almost like monks singing in an echoey church, but it’s a mixture of that and a haunting drum beat with some type of wind instrument throughout. It starts out kind of slow, […]

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What is an A2 chord, and what is an Asus?

I am going to be the relief pianist for our church worship team. I am learning the songs from sheets that are notated with guitar chords. I can read sheet music, but have been away from piano playing for a long time and some of the chords seem confusing. So I need a description of […]

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does anyone know a goof father’s day song a girl can sing at church?

well i need a song that is a nice song so plz helpAbout the Author: Check out more information on party planning blog

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What is the name of the new Rich Boy song that’s video now plays on mtv?

I dunno, the beat is pretty slow, the video is in black and white. He goes through a church, I can’t remember the rest, it’s driving me crazy. I couldn’t find it on youtube, and it’s not uploaded on his myspace page yet. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.About the Author: Check […]

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Can someone PLEASE help me find this Christian song?

It’s a song with a lot of piano, and I think it’s called “Amazing” or something. Sung by -possibly- a guy named “Jason” something? It’s really pretty, the piano chords are: E A C E A C E B F G A C F A D G C E G B D If that helps… […]

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Sat, February 20 2010 » Other - Music » No Comments

I would like to know a good song for a bass guitar and flute duet?

My girlfriend plays flute for the school and i play bass guitar for my church and a band, i really wanna learn a song or something with her to play, any song names or suggestions?kayaking

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