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What songs should I include?

Hey all! I’m making my mother a CD of songs for her birthday (she’ll be turning 46). I wasn’t around while she was growing up in the 70’s, but I’m willing to bet that some of y’all were. Any good/amazing songs I should include? I’ve already got “American Pie” and “Rocky Mountain High.” I know […]

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Im looking for the artist for a song that I love, we sing it in church sometimes?

the lyrics are “oh my God shine your light on us that we may live”candy favors

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Song for interp/sign? (performing for whole church)?

Do y’all know of a song I can do sign language/ interp to? Only Christian songs. please help!! Youtube doesn’t work on my computer (Idon’t think) any song you can sing to you can sign too it also doesn’t matter how simple it is eitherAbout the Author: Check out more information on petal cones

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What is the name of the song that comes out in Home Alone when he’s in the church? the fa la la la one?

it’s not Deck the Halls, it’s a fancy song i found it! 🙂 it’s called “Carol of the Bells” and it doesn’t even say fa la la la haha.. sorry about that Jade.. thanks for the help “miss my family,” i’ll give you the 10ptsbuy wedding supplies

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i dont understand ‘indie rock’?

i refer to everything shoegaze, dream pop, twee, noise, post-rock, etc collectively as indie rock. dont agree? tough. deal with it. what is the appeal of that music? much of it is so “experimental” it defies rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. honestly most of it annoys me its so strange. i like very few bands that […]

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What is the title of this midevil-era hymn/folk song?

I really like it, but I only know the melody. In the movie Home Alone, it’s playing in a church. I think it has the lyrics “Down on my knees” or “down on your knees” in it. I think it’s a very old hymn, or folk song, it has a beautiful melody. Everyone has heard […]

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I need help picking a song for a solo?

I have to sing a solo at my church and I don’t know which song to choose. I sing Soprano and can go really high. Or it can be a duet. Any suggestions?About the Author: Check out more information on edible favors

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where can i get vocals for blessed be your name?

i have a audition for worship band and i don’t have the music. is there any place i can get it online for free. i need the sheet wedding favors

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what song should i sing at church?

I want something powerful me and my best friend are going to be singing at a youth rally and we need something powerful and maybe something for teenagers. something christian defenetly um btw im 14About the Author: Check out more information on overstock coupon codes

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whats the perfect song for a video for school?

my teacher’s asking me to do a video for school about relationships. Its for Chritian Living. But the song doesnt really have to be a church song or something. the topic’s about love relationships, like mother daughter love, bestfriends, boyfriends-girlfriends, parents, etc. I need an inspiring song related to this topic. he’s gonna show the […]

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