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Worship Guitar Sheet Music – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone online to find worship guitar sheet music and couldn’t find a song anywhere near be correct. I mean, often times the worship guitar sheet will have the right key (certainly not always) or even the right chords (this is a gem, if you can find that), […]

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Christian Gospel Music Singers – Alvin Slaughter Career Profile

The name Alvin Slaughter is today synonymous with spiritual and personal growth. An accomplished worship leader, Slaughter is also a multi-talented businessman, recording artist, inspirational speaker and philanthropist. Alvin’s life can be summarised as a personal journey of discovery, a journey in which he overcome many painful personal crisis and difficulties, discovering God in the […]

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Christian Guitar Music – Learn to Play Christian Guitar

For many of us who want to learn christian guitar music, taking private lessons from a worship guitar teacher is out of our budget. This is especially true today. However, there are other options. Christian guitar music courses online can be extremely effective in helping even beginners learn how to play. Plus, they are very […]

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Contemporary Christian Music Song Lyrics – Changing the Face of Christianity

In today’s fast paced society, where money is a God and the Wall Street Journal the Bible by which many people live their lives, Christianity has been pushed aside in favor of secular success. Contemporary Christian music song lyrics are reaching out to bring people back to God and change the face of Christianity as […]

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How to Become a Better Worship Pianist

When it comes to playing the piano for contemporary worship, skill is less a matter of being able to play many notes quickly and more a question of choosing the right notes. If you want to improve your skill in playing the piano for the Lord in church, how can you do it? Other than […]

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Southern Gospel is Giving Me the Goosebumpilies

¬†Southern G. Does the Web! ¬† I know, music has been on the web for years. But, lately, my soul seems to be seeking it out more. Especially, the great tunes of the past. Is it just me or does Southern Gospel Music get sweeter as the years go on? I’ve got a Pentecostal background […]

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The Early History of Sheet Music in Western Civilization

Sheet music, sometimes called “score,” is the hand-written or printed form of musical notation, or the system that represents aurally perceived music via the use of written symbols. The history of musical notation, and therefore of sheet music, is a long one. There are those who hold that the earliest sheet music known is a […]

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Southern Gospel Music Lyrics – Leaving Footprints in History

The slaves of the nineteenth century faced tremendous adversity to regain their freedom, but the southern gospel music lyrics they gave birth to have left their footprints deeply embedded in the pages of history. The struggles they faced and conquered provided fodder for many of the most beautiful and inspirational works of this type of […]

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Effective Laws to Protect Music Must Be Enacted Immediately

Our laws are clearly failing the people who create music for a living. I recently learned that a friend’s music has been offered at dozens of sites around the world for free without his permission. In this case, my friend followed all of the proper steps for protecting his music through the US Copyright Office, […]

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List of Praise and Worship Songs

Hillsongs is one of the most popular Christian music groups that have travel all over the world to share their music. The group has released several albums and these are being sold in music stores in various countries. They have also done concerts that feature their praise and worship music and have toured several continents. […]

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