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Church Camp Songs – Choosing the Best

When I think of church camp songs, I tend to think of those songs that are bible oriented or African-American spirituals. Actually, at the church camps I have attended, they pretty much like to sing what everybody else likes to sing: silly songs, folk songs, old time songs and other traditional campfire songs. In addition, […]

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Ethiopian Emperors and Christianity

Ethiopia has been a focus of historians for its rich kingdom background. The emperors ruled Ethiopia successfully. Their rule and system of governance are what made the history of Ethiopia an interesting subject. The emperors were rulers of the kingdom. The emperors were respected and obeyed. This was due to their leadership and connections across […]

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Samoa – Understanding the Importance of Christianity When Visiting the Islands

Christian missionaries began arriving in the Samoan islands as early as the 1700’s, long before any other country had recognized Samoa for its trade and strategic possibilities. Prior to Christianity the Samoan practiced a religion that involved ancestor worship as well as the worship of a variety of gods. Nafanua, the goddess of war had […]

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