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Music Online Schools

The Internet makes it possible to study single music courses, or for preparing for music certificates and music degrees online. For those interested in a single online class in music or several classes, online music certificates, or online music degrees, there are ample courses available through online music schools, colleges, and universities. Learning through online […]

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Native American Bird Medicines

There are so many bird medicines. They are complex and tricky to describe. I have hesitated to write about them. Then the idea came that it would be better to start by sharing a few and then adding other stories later. The one’s I know are from personal experience and training. Water Birds These are […]

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Birth Of Christianity In France Was A Love Story

Do not believe that events which upset History must always begin with serious causes. More than one king fought the war because he fell in love with some lady or conquered an country because he loved a woman who was living there. A woman is hidden behind each great character. Women are constantly present in […]

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Integration of Psychology and Theology-Christianity

1) Describe how you integrate psychology with theology/Christianity, both in theory and practice. As a psychologist-in-training I view psychology and theology/Christianity as fields that have common concerns, and elements of focus such as: humanity, purpose, meaning, the human soul, emotions, the mind, reasoning, human behavior, philosophical perspectives on suffering, goodness, badness, and human potential. As […]

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