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Why Idol Worship in Some Form is So Inevitable in Every Religion?

Idol worship is one of the most repugnant acts in religions. Some religions like Judaism and Islam prohibits the Idol worship and a person who worship Idol faces the greatest displeasure of God and he is liable to be punished to death. The Third of the Ten Commandments of Old Testament clearly state, “You shall […]

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The Plague of Justinian and the Emergence of Christianity

All that great learning of Galen and Hippocrates, those physicians that taught that disease was caused by pathogenic agents was laid to waste during my reign of terror and the early Christian Church eagerly rushed to fill the medical void, becoming doctor to body and soul and consequently held up the advancement of medical science […]

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Song of Solomon and Praying in Tongues

The following is a revelation I received around New Years several years ago. I was going through my e-mail folder today, and found an e-mail dated Dec 30th/03. The following changed my life, and I had shared it with a professor I had at FIRE School of Ministry who taught on praying in tongues and […]

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18 Common Worship Leading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

We’ve all been in church and witnessed a major worship leading gaffe – the band all starting in different keys or the drummer sounding like he’s falling down the stairs. Here are 18 common mistakes that worship leaders make together with some suggestions for how to avoid them: 1. Including too many new songs in […]

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Earning a Praise and Worship Brown Belt

Pity the poor novice who innocently walks into a ‘with it’ church to worship. They expect to hear a little music, perhaps a reading from the Bible and somebody talking about God. But in the ‘Church of What’s Happnin’ Now,’ these stunned, would-be participants hear not just a little music, but a lot. A whole […]

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Politics and Christianity

A coworker recently approached me expressing grave concern with regards to the upcoming presidential election. He was quite concerned about the direction this country is going. This is quite understandable, but I believe this for different reasons than he does. I want to take a look at this today from both my personal thoughts and […]

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The One Secret to Being Effective in Worship Ministry

If you are a worship leader or musician trying to serve well in church, or even a church pastor who wants to know what’s going on in your church worship ministry, it’s understandable if you get confused or discouraged. Many worship experts abound in the field today, offering different ideas, concepts and paradigms for worship […]

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Christianity and Tattoos

A man who owns a tattoo shop located downtown contacted me. More about him in a moment. After reading his response, I couldn’t seem to get the subject of tattoos and body piercings out of my head. I recalled a British minister – a man in his late 50’s at the time – testifying that […]

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For by Grace Are Ye Saved Through Faith, and That Not of Yourselves, it is the Gift of God – Eph 2:8

The above verse is yet another foundational Holy Scripture that is not understood by mainstream Christianity, otherwise known as the delusional Christian Religion. This article is about the confusion that exists within mainstream Christianity between belief and faith, although most would not admit that they are confused. It’s also about them thinking that it’s their […]

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The Catholic Church, Their Stance Against Contraception, HIV-Aids and Condom Use

It is widely known that the Catholic church is against contraception. In fact the Pope has made clear statements against the use of condoms, such as: It is of great concern that the fabric of African life, its very source of hope and stability, is threatened by divorce, abortion, prostitution, human trafficking and a contraception […]

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