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The Faith in Christianity

I don’t have any problems, with people telling me about things that actually work. Things that I can wrap my hands around, things that I can make sense out of and things that are supported by satisfactory scientific evidence. If I was to roll a rubber ball down a small hill and the ball didn’t […]

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Trying to Unravel the Secrets of Christianity

I would like to start by explaining what a secret actually is. It would be a bit of knowledge that was intentionally withheld from other people. If there are any secrets in the Bible, why do only a only a select few individuals know about them. I would like to suggest something that most Christians […]

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How To Be Victorious In Spiritual Warfare – Surrendering To God Leads To Victory

As a man who follows after God and seeks to serve Him, I am often attacked by the enemy in all kinds of ways. It’s not easy serving God, because you have all sorts of attacks perpetrated against you. The Bible tells us to wear the full armor of God to protect ourselves against the […]

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Christianity Vs Works Based Religion

Over the centuries Christianity has grown immensely in popularity. I feel that why this has come to pass is because it is the only religious doctrine that is based solely on us praying in the name of Jesus to God to ask forgiveness for our sins, and forgiveness being granted by God. In John 14:5-6 […]

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Worship Leading – The Joy, The Pain and The Responsibility!

When you are called to be a worship leader, there is a huge amount of joy, but this can be counterbalanced by a certain degree of pain in getting your worship leading to the point that you want it to be. Worship leading is, in fact, about those two words; worship and leading! Sure, it […]

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Pauline Principles Of Church Music In Verses XVI And XVII Of Colossians 3

INTRODUCTION There are four principles deduced from the New Testament worship which, if applied, will help produce a God-honouring music and worship ministry. These are found in Colossians 3:16,17 and they include the memorandum or message of music; means of music; medium or matrix of music and the motive of the musician. MEMORANDUM OF MUSIC […]

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Truth – What Does it Mean to Christianity?

On one of the articles I wrote, someone left a comment asking me if I would define truth to them. I told them that I believed truth was something that could be proven and easily explained to almost anyone. This might not make sense to me two years from now, but today the truth is […]

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Christian Meaning of Names

Knowing the Christian meaning of names can help moms and dads decide which particular name to give their new child. Usually, parents choose Christian names that pertain to admirable qualities in a person, such as strength and purity. You don’t have to be very strict about creating names; sometimes, mixing and melding two or three […]

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Now You Can Have the Gift of Prophecy and Do a Personal Prophecy

It is a wonderful position to be in to be blessed with the gift of prophecy. It seems that everyone could do with a personal prophecy from the Lord. It is such a joy to walk with the Lord and work in the harvest and encourage Christians and non Christians with the gift of prophecy. […]

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Only Christianity Offers a Complete Plan of Redemption

Christianity does not leave loose ends. The plan of redemption goes full circle. God is holy and our sin separates us from Him. God’s justice demands a price to be paid, the price of death by the shedding of blood. God’s grace allows a substitute to pay the price for us. In the Old Testament […]

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