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With 1/2 billion evengelical Christians alone, why do some believe that Christianity is a dying religion?

Back in the 60’s a group of Berkley University students threw a big parade that carried a coffin that said “God is Dead.” This has been a theory for at least 45 years, yet Christianity still exists. Religion may die, but the covenant between God and man never will.
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Memorial Song Premier, Emotional Pain and Pleasure

In February of 2007 our elder daughter died from the injuries she received in a car crash. My husband and I donated money to our church in her memory. The funds were used to commission a choral piece, “We Remember Them,” by St. Paul, Minnesota composer Elizabeth Alexander. Alexander often uses poem as lyrics and for “our” song she used “A Litany of Remembrance” by Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn.

Several weeks ago our church choir premiered the song. We told our grandchildren about the premier and said attendance was up to them. Interestingly, both children came up with excuses not to attend. Listening to a piece in memory of their mother was just too painful.

We were very emotional before the service began. As it progressed, my husband and I became so emotional we couldn’t sing any of the hymns. Both of us were trying not to cry and that took all of our energy.

I asked for the words of the song to be printed in the service program and we followed along as the choir sang them. The piece contains some unusual chords, key changes, and a forte passage that is a gut-grabber. “Don’t cry, don’t cry,” I said to myself. The premier of “We Remember Them” is a grief marker in our lives, a reminder of the raw pain of grief and the realization that it will be with us for the rest of our lives.

When we approved Rabbi Gittelsohn’s poem as lyrics, we didn’t know his poem was famous. According to a dear friend, “A Litany of Remembrance” is often read at Jewish memorial services and gravestone unveilings. She did some research on the rabbi and gave me a fact sheet about him.

Rabbi Gittelson was a Marine chaplain and at Iwo Jima during World War II. President Harry S. Truman appointed him to a civil rights committee. He was a popular speaker and President of the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis, Central Conference of American Rabbis, and Association of Reform Zionists of America. The poet, scholar and religious leader died in 1995 at the age of 85. His son David gave the composer permission to use the poem.

“A Litany of Remembrance” touches people of many faiths. The last line tells us how to approach life after experiencing profound sorrow. “So long as we live, they too shall live, for they are now a part of us… ” I think this is the real message of the song and carry it with me. The premier of “We Remember Them” was painful and powerful.

“We Remember Them” is a comforting song and I hope many choral groups will sing it. Singing together brings us together and music gives us hope.

Copyright 1009 by Harriet Hodgson
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How do you convert to Jew from Christianity?

Christianity accepts converts from all denominations!
How do i become a Jew, is it by birth only or i can actually start attending their service and embrace their faith!
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Worship Guitar Sheet Music – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone online to find worship guitar sheet music and couldn’t find a song anywhere near be correct. I mean, often times the worship guitar sheet will have the right key (certainly not always) or even the right chords (this is a gem, if you can find that), but rarely is the worship guitar sheet music ready to go as-is. The chords are usually not in the right place, above the correct syllable on the right word. And the even more confusing thing is that some of the chords on the sheet are exactly where they need to be, while others are off just a little bit or even way off.

This can be confusing when you go to play the song. It never sounds quite right. And, what’s worse, is if you happen to play in a worship band, it can really throw off the other members of the band if you put this unaltered worship guitar sheet music in front of them without warning them.

What’s the solution?

What I do is copy and paste the lyrics and chords onto a page and then go through and make the necessary nudges, deletions and additions to the chart before I place it in my library, and certainly before I put it before any other band member whom I may be playing alongside. I take the time to put the chord directly above the syllable, the vowel where the chord change is exactly. This saves me time and frustration later. I wish there were a place that I could find a whole library of songs where somebody has taken the same care that I have to put these charts together.
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Will you pray for our new church please?

Located in beautiful North San Diego County, our church is open 24 hours. Here you can always find someone to pray with 24 hours a day. You can come and listen to praise and worship music any time of the day or night. A pastor is always available to talk to one-on-one. A new Bible study every hour on the hour. Fellowship all day and all night long. A church that never sleeps. Ministry opportunities for everyone. Candlelight vigils and services. Come as you are. Come in your pajamas or come in your “Sunday best”. Come worship Jesus in a relaxed atmosphere and stay awhile. Kids programs. Senior citizens and disabled welcome. Got insomnia? Can’t sleep? Come to church! Stay all night long. Morning communion, afternoon fellowship, evening Bible study, late night worship. Traditional Sunday services. Join us for midnight prayer, the 3am song, daily sunrise service, lunch hour prayer, after work meditation, or evening Bible study. Free coffee. clean restrooms. Se habla espaƱol.
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Know of any under-advertised bands?

I love classic rock. I worship Ozzy Osbourne. I love music, it’s my life.
my range of interests extend from, Iron Maiden to a nice upbeat acoustic band. I really don’t like much modern music for the most part. though I do like Linkin Park.
Now I was just wondering if anyone knew of some bands within these general guidelines, that weren’t popular yet.
Also, no screaming, and no self promoting.
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The Faith in Christianity

I don’t have any problems, with people telling me about things that actually work. Things that I can wrap my hands around, things that I can make sense out of and things that are supported by satisfactory scientific evidence.

If I was to roll a rubber ball down a small hill and the ball didn’t roll back it up, but instead sat there at the bottom of the hill, when it was done rolling. I could probably create something tangible out of this event. If anyone was to ever question the fact that my ball rolled down the hill, I would simply take them to the hill, grab my ball and roll it down the hill.

They would stand there in amazement, maybe even tell me that they were sorry for ever doubting me, but the facts would still remain the same. This is what I would consider to be satisfactory scientific evidence. Evidence that can be provided on a continual basis to support something that you have proven to be true.

Faith in Christianity, is the opposite of this. Faith is a belief in something, without any satisfactory scientific evidence to back it up. Think about this for a moment, Jesus was born from a Virgin mother. This would truly be a miracle, but there isn’t any evidence to prove that this ever happened.

Do you see where I’m coming from? There is a lot of faith in Christianity. You can continue to believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, until the day that you die, if that’s what you really want to do. It’s really not much different, believing in a religion that seems to have difficulties, producing reliable evidence to support their claims.

It’s not really that complicated. There is a Bible verse that says something like this, if two of you stand together and believe in God, you can ask for anything and it will be given to you. This sounds simple, two people get together, ask for God to appear in front of them and if it doesn’t happen, they can assume that Christianity isn’t the best religion and choose again.

But that’s not what really happens to most Christians. They seem to look at something like this as if God doesn’t like them or their not ready to receive what they’re asking for. They will continue to make up excuses, even though they have witnessed firsthand, that something doesn’t really work as good as the Bible said that it would.

You can spend the rest of your life believing in something, if it makes you feel good, but it’s only going to be a belief and you’re going to be living a life of faith, always doubting, whether you’re doing what’s right.
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What are some of the similarities in the foundations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

I need alot of Big and important similarities and differences between the big 3 religions. Its about their foundations, origins, and beginnings. I need some In-Depth stuff, not just like Abraham religion stuff.
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Trying to Unravel the Secrets of Christianity

I would like to start by explaining what a secret actually is. It would be a bit of knowledge that was intentionally withheld from other people. If there are any secrets in the Bible, why do only a only a select few individuals know about them.

I would like to suggest something that most Christians might not want to hear, but they definitely need to start thinking about. If there are secrets, why are they being kept from us and if there aren’t any, why are so many giving us the illusion that there actually are.

Let’s start by looking at the reasons for only a select few to actually keep the secrets. There really aren’t any that I could come up with, that would actually make sense, but here’s a few, just to satisfy your appetite for curiosity. Fear, greed and ignorance just for starters. If there are secrets in the Bible and only a few people know about them, it’s probably more about control and power than anything else.

What about the scenario, that there might not be any secrets in the Bible? I don’t know for a fact whether there are or aren’t any secrets in the Bible, but I would imagine if there were, I wish someone would start sharing them with us. Is the Bible actually a hoax and it was only meant to control and create fear in intelligent thinking people?

I don’t believe that there are any secret messages or secret Bible codes, but if you do, that’s okay with me. Only one of us is right and until we have the proof, your secret is going to be safe with me, whatever secret that is of course.

I don’t know how many books and movies there actually are on secrets in the Bible, but I haven’t seen any of them, that unravel anything about Christianity. All I really see is a bunch of words being manipulated, twisted and turned in the preferred direction of their masters.
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Christian Gospel Music Singers – Alvin Slaughter Career Profile

The name Alvin Slaughter is today synonymous with spiritual and personal growth. An accomplished worship leader, Slaughter is also a multi-talented businessman, recording artist, inspirational speaker and philanthropist. Alvin’s life can be summarised as a personal journey of discovery, a journey in which he overcome many painful personal crisis and difficulties, discovering God in the process to create a multi-faceted music empire and business conglomerate.

Based in New York, Alvin Slaughter has been an inspiration and major contributor in the growth and development of praise and worship music. He brings a unique and rich musical stylization, creatively combining traditional gospel music with contemporary Christian music. In his early career he was a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in New York, becoming its lead male vocalist. Slaughter enjoyed early success with the choir which won several Grammy Awards.

Early in his career, behind his public life, Slaughter went through difficulties in his private life within his marriage, finances and other areas, leading to feelings of lack of self worth, hopelessness and lack of direction. Fortunately, he went on to overcome his personal demons in 1990 discovered Jesus and accepted Christ as his personal savior. Since then, he has never looked back and his mission and zeal in life since leaving the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in 1990 has been to empower those suffering from bondage, self doubt and damaged self esteem.

Slaughter continues to empower others enthusiastically and passionately, pointing them towards a relationship with God as the way for salvation. He channels his work through inspirational speeches, concerts, community programs and philanthropic donations towards worthy causes.

His book I Got It Back!, published by Serenity Publishing Company in 2006, was inspired by his own personal travails. The book itself was written to inspire others going through crisis and despair. Through wit, passion and drawing on his own deep insightful experience, Slaughter directs the reader to the omnipotence and omnipresence of God and His constant availability for salvation.

Alvin Slaughter’s achievements are numerous and to date he has amassed eight albums. He received three Dove Award nominations for Praise & Worship Album of the Year, Contemporary Black Gospel Album of the Year and Contemporary Black Gospel Song of the Year. Alvin also received nomination for the Stellar Award Best Male Solo Performance.

Today, Slaughters legacy is widespread, far reaching and has turned around numerous lives for the good; and he continues to entertain Christians worldwide with his inspiring music. Slaughter founded the Alvin Slaughter International, a charitable organization which provides material and educational aid to the needy not just in the United States but all over Africa and the third world. He also founded Alvin Slaughter Music, through which he appears in hundreds of events yearly in the United States and all over the world, appearing in concerts and inspirational speaking conferences. Slaughter hosted his popular television program Highest Praise, on the Trinity Broadcasting and Sonlight Broadcasting Network; and has partnered with civic groups, charitable organizations and denominational churches all over the world, bringing his message of empowerment and hope to millions.
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